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Datasheet: Number of ports 24 TP ports 10/100/1000 mbps 2 SFP slots for supported modules ('mini-GBIC') with 100/1000 mbps 26 concurrent Ethernet ports in total Quality of Service Priority queues, Scheduling, Classification, Rate limiting Security SSH, SSL, IEEE 802.1X access control, PVE, Port Security, IP Source Guard, Access control lists, RADIUS/TACACS+, Storm Control, Isolated Group IEEE 802.1/ab/ad/d/p/q/s/w/x 802.3/u/ab/ad/az/x/z Switching Store and forward MAC addresses Support of max 8K MAC addresses Throughput 52 GBit/s VLAN Port based and IEEE 802.1q tag based VLAN with up to 4,096 VLAN and up to 4,000 active VLANs Supports ingress and egress packet filter in port based VLAN Jumbo Frame Support Jumbo frame support with up to 9k frames Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) Support of of 13groups containing up to 16 ports each according to IEEE 802.3ad Management & Monitoring WEBconfig, LANconfig, LSM, LANmonitor, Easy-Configuration-Ports, Port Mirroring, access control list, SNMP, cable diagnosis, CLI, Remote Monitoring, Secure Copy, DHCP client, SNTP, s-flow Power supply Internal power supply unit (110 - 230 V, 50-60 Hz) Environment Temperature range 0-40°C; humidity 10-90 %; non-condensing Power consumption (max) max. 23 watts Cooling Fanless Housing Robust metal housing, 19' 1U (440 x 44 x 209 mm) with removable mounting brackets, network connectors on the front Managed 26-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for reliable networks This 26-port switch gets professional networks ready for the future: Along with the wide range of power management functions for energy efficiency, the LANCOM GS-2326 supports both current Internet protocols IPv4 and IPv6. The switch is also well equipped with regard to management and security: Support of the LANCOM Large Scale Monitor (LSM) and LANmonitor enable a convenient and secure remote maintenance. In addition, network access can be controlled with current technologies (802.1x, VLAN, etc. ) and time-critical data can be prioritized reliably. Datasheet Pc. : LSNLCKMGS7376 Így is ismerheti: GS 2326, GS2326
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