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További D-Link termékek: D-Link Switch

10/100/1000 Mbit/s portok száma24
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D-Link DWS-4026 Layer2+ Unified Vezetékes/Vezeték nélküli Gigabit SwitchThe DWS-4026 is D-Links next generation Unified Wired/Wireless Gigabit Switch with an array of advanced features and 802.11n support. With the ability to manage up to 64 DWL-8600AP wireless Access Points by itself and up to 256 DWL-8600APs in a Switch Cluster, the DWS-4026 is a full-featured and cost-effective mobility solution for mid-to large enterprises and service providers. Extremely versatile and flexible, the DWS-4026 can be deployed as a Wireless Controller in the core network or as a L2+ PoE Gigabit Switch at the edge depending on the requirement. By centralising WLAN configuration and management functions, DWS-4026 enables network administrators to have control, security, redundancy, and reliability needed to scale and manage their wireless networks easily and efficiently. Adaptable Wireless Most of the current Wireless LAN controllers architecture requires wireless traffic to return to the controller for centralised processing, causing unnecessary traffic delay. The DWS-4026 offers network administrators additional options: depending on the wireless application, wireless traffic can either be tunneled back to the switch for better security control, or locally forwarded at the Access Point for optimal performance. This device offers administrators maximised flexibility with options to tunnel client traffic to the switch for centralised security control, and forward VoIP traffic directly from the access point for optimal performance. Comprehensive Wired/Wireless Security The DWS-4026 offers a state-of-the-art Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS), which empowers network administrators to detect rogue Access Points and rogue clients as well as anticipate wireless threats, preventing them from causing damage to the network. With WIDS, administrators can activate various threat detections and use RF scans to sweep the entire wireless network for any possible security breach in advance. Other wireless security features include WPA/WPA2 Enterprise, 802.11i, Captive Portal and MAC Authentication. On the wired side, the DWS-4026 utilises Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI) and DHCP Snooping to ensure maximum security. Together, DAI and DHCP Snooping will prevent even the most sophisticated attacks such as man-in-the-middle and ARP poisoning. Along with other advanced security features such as 802.1X Access Control, Denial-of-Service Protection, Broadcast Storm Control and Protected Port, the DWS-4026 provides robust and centralized security, ensuring maximum network reliability. Seamless Mobility Wireless clients can enjoy seamless and uninterrupted roaming from AP to AP managed by a DWS-4026 even if they are not in the same subnet. Because the DWS-4026 employs various mechanisms such as pre-authentication and key-caching, wireless users can freely roam the entire network without needing to re-authenticate. The additional Fast Roaming feature results in disruption-free, reliable wireless connectivity crucial for mobile applications such as Wi-Fi IP Phones and wireless PDAs. Furthermore, the DWS-4026 supports advanced AP-AP Tunneling, which is used to support L3 roaming for wireless clients without forwarding any data traffic to the Unified Switch. This can help to significantly reduce network traffic and save bandwidth. Voice-Optimised Quality of Service (QoS) The DWS-4026 is specifically designed and optimised for Voice over Wireless traffic with features such as Auto-VoIP and Voice VLAN. The Auto-VoIP feature explicitly matches VoIP streams and provides them with a better class-of-service than ordinary traffic. These VoIP streams include the popular call-control protocols such as SIP, H. 323 and SCCP. Voice VLAN enables the switch ports to carry voice traffic with defined priority, ensuring that the sound quality of an IP phone will be safeguarded from deteriorating when data traffic on the port is high. The DWS-4026s Voice QoS capability enables administrators to maintain the integrity and priority of the most time-sensitive traffic. In addition, the DWS-4026 supports traffic shaping, which helps to smooth out temporary traffic bursts over time so that the transmitted traffic rate is bounded. Other advanced QoS features include per-flow bandwidth control, minimum bandwidth guarantee and 802.1p CoS all help to keep the network traffic in a predictable manner. Network Resiliency The DWS-4026 offers a self-healing network capability to increase the resiliency of the entire wireless network. To make up for a sudden RF signal vacuum created by any dead AP (AP with DC power failure, for example), the DWS-4026 automatically increases the transmit output power of the neighboring APs to expand the RF coverage, thereby healing the network. Also, to ensure continuous connection for current clients, the DWS-4026 performs load balancing across access points when network traffic reaches a certain threshold by forcing additional clients to associate with other access points. Through self-healing network and AP load lancing, the DWS-4026 can effectively manage the wireless bandwidth, optimise WLAN traffic and ensure maximum RF coverage. Maximised Flexibility In addition to all its wireless capabilities, the DWS-4026 also excels as an advanced L2+ PoE Switch. Complete with dynamic routing using RIPv1/v2, ACL security, multi-layer QoS, comprehensive VLAN support, IGMP/MLD Snooping as well as dual 10-Gigabit uplink support, the DWS-4026 truly enables network administrators to integrate their enterprise class wireless network with their wired infrastructure. Businesses contemplating upgrading their current wired or wireless network can deploy the DWS-4026 to take advantage of its dual-role flexibility. Simplified Management Multiple DWS-4026s can form a Switch Cluster, which enables network administrators to manage and configure all switches from one single Cluster Master. In addition, the Switch Cluster also manages information of all the Access Points as well as their associated clients. This helps to significantly simplify management and reduce maintenance efforts as the network scales up. Scalable unified wired/wireless network architecture24 10/100/1000Base-T Gigabit Ports with integrated 802.3af PoE2 open slots for optional 10-Gigabit modulesSwitch fabric: 88 GbpsManagement of up to 64 wireless APs per switch, up to 256 APs per clusterRobust wired/wireless securityWireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS)Rogue AP Detection & ClassificationCaptive Portal64/128/152-Bit WEP Data Encryption802.11i WPA2/RSNMAC AuthenticationDynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)DHCP SnoopingAccess Control List (ACL)802.1XComprehensive QoSAuto-Voice over IPVoice VLAN802.1p & DiffServPer-Flow Bandwidth ControlPer-Port Traffic ShapingMinimum Bandwidth GuaranteeSupports WMM & SVPSeamless mobilityL2/L3 Fast RoamingAP-AP TunnelIntra-Switch & Inter-Switch RoamingAdvanced Switching & RoutingRIP v1/v2VLAN RoutingVRRPSpanning Tree Protocol (STP)IGMP / MLD SnoopingSubnet-based VLANSimplified ManagementSwitch ClusterWeb Access Using HTTPTelnet Server/ClientSSH v2, SSL v3SNMP v1, v2c, v3sFlowDual Image support Így is ismerheti: DWS 4026, DWS4026
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