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When Waldorf introduced the Zarenbourg in 2006, this piano was one of a very small minority. It had dawned on us that few contemporary instruments offered electric pianists and keyboardists that elusive quality called soul. Reduced to the essentials, this rare breed of instrument does one thing so well that it grows on the player, becoming an extension of body and mind. It has that magical touch of purism that all-in-one devices lack. So we aimed high, achieving a sound nothing short of sublime. And we conjured a look that blends the hallmarks of classic designs with a more contemporary clean and cool vibe. - Physical Modeling for E-Piano Sounds - Direct Nand Streaming Sample Playback for Pianos and user content - True FM synthesis - 4 Gigabyte Nand Flash for Samples - 76 keys weighted hammer action keyboard - Three way active monitor system by EMES - External Stereo Input - Dedicated external volume knob - 7 Presets and 21 user Sounds - SD Card slot for firmware and sample upgrade - USB - MIDI in/out/through - Stereo Line out - Digital S/PDIF output - 7 Effects (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Echo/Reverb, Auto Wah, Equalizer, Overdrive) - Tremolo, both Stereo and Mono - Continuous Sustain Pedal allows for dynamic pedaling - Assignable Expression Pedal - High performance Dual core Digital Signal Processor - Colour: Black. Így is ismerheti: ZarenbourgBlackLimitedEdition
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