D-Link DES-1210-08P

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37 000 Ft
+ 1 715 Ft szállítási díj
3 napon belül
37 440 Ft

39 950 Ft
+ 1 990 Ft szállítási díj
3 napon belül

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10/100 Mbit/s portok száma8
Menedzselhető (SNMP)Igen

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D-Link DES-1210-08P 8-port 10/100 Smart PoE Switch Intuitive Web GUIPoE safeguard functionVLAN support for traffic segmentationAutoVoice and AutoSurveillance VLAN for seamless integration with IP telephony and IP surveillance systemsTime-based PoE to switch off PoE devices automaticallyLoopback detection and broadcast storm control to avoid network downtimeQoS (Quality of Service) and bandwidth control to ensure smooth operationInnovative firewall-like ACL to enforce security and access restrictionIGMP snooping to save bandwidth on multicast streamsCable diagnostics function to help troubleshoot wiring problemsFanless design: completely silent The DES-1210-08P is a PoE switch in the Fast Ethernet Smart series. Equipped with 8 Fast Ethernet ports, this switch integrates the features of the Smart series with PoE functionality. With an easy to use web interface and eco-friendly design, the DES-1210-08P helps customers to quickly and easily deploy their networks, saving energy and money. Seamless integration The DES-1210-08P is the ideal solution as an advanced edge switch for SMB and enterprise networks. The Asymmetric VLAN support will provide access to shared resources such as servers or the Internet, without complicated VLAN configurations. Additionally, the innovative AutoVoice and AutoSurveillance VLAN features allow for easy integration of 3rd party IP phones and network cameras, placing traffic from these devices in separate VLANs. Advanced Power over Ethernet features The DES-1210-08P complies with the 802.3af PoE standard. This gives you extra flexibility at deploying appliances such as wireless Access Points, IP cameras and VoIP phones in your network, even in mix vendor environments. For added flexibility and power-saving, the DES-1210-08P integrates the new Time-Based PoE feature, which turns off the power when it is not needed, for example, at nights or during the weekends. This means that PoE-powered devices which otherwise would be always on, can be switched off centrally, saving power and money. Features 8x 100Base-TX Fast Ethernet portsAuto MDI/MDIX802.3x Flow control Performance Switching capacity: 1.6 Gbps. Max. forwarding rate: 1.19 Mpps. MAC table: 8K entriesPacket buffer: 384 KB Network 802.3ad Link Aggregation (max. 8 groups, 8 ports per group)Bandwidth control (port-based)IGMP v1/v2 snoopingPort mirroring Resiliency 802.1D Spanning Tree802.1w Rapid Spanning TreeLoopback detection (LBD)Cable diagnostics VLAN 802.1q VLANAutoVoice VLAN (10 user-defined OUI, 8 default OUI)AutoSurveillance VLANStatic VLAN (256 groups)VLAN VID configurable (1-4096) Quality of Service (QoS) 802.1p QoS4 queues per portStrict priority or Weighted Round Robin (WRR)DSCP CoS Security Static MAC (128 entries)Port Security (max. 64 MAC addresses per port)Broadcast/Multicast/Unknown Unicast Storm ControlACL (max 50 profiles) Így is ismerheti: DES 1210 08 P, DES121008P, DES 1210 08P, DES 1210-08P, DES-1210-08 P
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