MikroTik RBWAP2ND Router

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MikroTik wAP fehér (RBwAP2nD) wAP The wAP (wall AP) is a small weatherproof wireless access point for your mobile devices, perfect for installation outside your house, in the garden, on your porch or anywhere else where you need wireless access from your phone or computer. The device has one 10/100 Ethernet port and can be mounted on a wall to provide basic internet access in any location. It looks unobtrusive and sleek, available in two colours - black (RBwAP2nD-BE) and white (RBwAP2nD). It is waterproof and can be attached to any external wall from the inside of the case - so that it is not easy to detach from it’s mounting location. The bottom door can also be secured with a special screw, which can only be opened by the owner. It is also possible to run the Ethernet cable directly behind the unit, to inside the wall, there is a special opening on the back of the case. This way, the unit doesn’t attract attention and blends into any environment. Product specifications Details Product code RBwAP2nD CPU nominal frequency 650 MHz CPU core count 1 Size of RAM 64 MB 10/100 Ethernet ports 1 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports 0 MiniPCI slots 0 MiniPCI-e slots 0 Wireless chip model QCA9533-BL3A Wireless standards 802.11b/g/n Number of USB ports 0 Power Jack 1 PoE in 802.3at Supported input voltage 11 V - 57 V PoE out No Voltage Monitor No CPU temperature monitor No PCB temperature monitor No License level 4 Antenna gain DBI 2 Current Monitor No CPU QCA9533-BL3A Max Power consumption 4W SFP ports 0 SFP+ ports 0 Number of chains 2 Serial port None Wireless specifications 2.4 GHz TXRX 1MBit/s 22 -96 11MBit/s 22 -89 6MBit/s 20 -93 54MBit/s 18 -74 MCS0 20 -93 MCS7 16 -71 wireless parameters may be limited in software, depending on your local regulatory limitations Included parts K35 screw kit wAP mount 24V 0.38A power adapter PoE injector Plastic zip tie Így is ismerheti: RBWAP 2 ND, RBWAP 2ND, RBWAP2 ND
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