Salvador Dali Little Kiss Me EDT 50ml

Salvador Dali Little Kiss Me EDT 50ml

8 970 Ft Raktáron
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6 300 Ft-tól 3 ajánlat

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Salvador Dali Little Kiss Me 50 ml (eau de toilette) hölgyeknek garanciával

8 970 Ft
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Salvador Dali Little Kiss Me Eau de Toilette 50 ml Női

6 300 Ft
+ 990 Ft szállítási díj
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Salvador Dali Little Kiss Me, edt 50ml női parfüm

6 747 Ft
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Célcsoport Női
Típus  Eau de toilette (EDT)
Kiszerelés 50 ml
Csomagolás  Eredeti doboz

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LITTLE KISS ME, the new Salvador Dali Spring-Summer 2010 Collection women's fragrance, explodes in a firework display of joy, color and radiant sensuality. It is a celebration of bright summer sunshine and balmy starlit party nights. LITTLE KISS ME brings to mind smiling, lively and sexy young women; those who only truly come to their own in summertime, showing off their unwavering happy high spirits, exotically colored shimmering dresses and playful, mischievous laughter that breaks out like an ode to life. LITTLE KISS ME invites us into an imaginary sun-kissed garden, which is gradually awakened by the sun's warm rays to burst into a whirlwind of parties and feverish samba rhythms... Perfumer creator: Céline Ellena-Charabot, Olfactory family: floral, fruity, musky. Céline Ellena was born with the taste for fine perfumery in her genes, out of a long line of illustrious perfumers; she owes her first fragrant encounters to her grandfather in the family garden in Grasse on the French Riviera. This family heritage bequeathed her with a unique know-how, to which her youth has added daring and modernity. "In LITTLE KISS ME, I adopted a joyful, lively and lighthearted signature to express the playful happiness that infects all women in summertime, tickling and titillating our senses in a deliciously mild effervescence. " Top notes Nymphea brings to mind the delicacy of sweet morning dew, offset by the transparent aquatic freshness and green tenderness of bamboo. Mischievous, lighthearted grains of paradise (Brazilian floral pepper) add a spicy rush of energy to the fresh, floral head notes. Middle notes The garden basks in the hot summer sunshine, coaxing forth intoxicating floral fragrances, which blossom in all their sensuality and femininity. The joyful sensuality of peony lends a spicy, pink, slightly nonchalant note. The blatantly feminine, fruity floral notes of magnolia impart an enticing, discreetly addictive quality. Mysterious, exotic and sun-kissed passion flower, like a sparkling star, takes the magnolia and peony on a whirlwind of festivities, exploding in a firework display of gaiety, color and carefree joy. Base notes Luxuriant and sophisticated powder of iris, steeped in unabashed femininity, is blended with precious light woody scents and silky musks in an exquisite kiss. LITTLE KISS ME embodies a joyful, playful kiss, in a party whirlwind that sets our bodies dancing and our hearts beating... Just like the fragrance, the bottle pays tribute to party time! The transparent, contemporary bottle of LITTLE KISS ME is cylindrical. The graphics are the work of a young artist, Mikael Carriau, whose contemporary talent has already signed other Dali creations, such as the Little Kiss and Little Kiss Cherry fragrances. For LITTLE KISS ME he imagined a surreal, exotic garden, reminiscent of a crowd of partygoers making merry in the bright summer sunshine, showcasing brightly colored, eye-catching fireworks and beguiling, undulating arabesques that dance around lips, Dali's famous lips and signature of the fragrances. Lips are metamorphosed for LITTLE KISS ME into floral, blossoming mouths, mischievous and happy in this garden. Delectable raspberry colored lips, sunflower suns and apple green leaves shimmering in the breeze come together in a riotous, glamorous festival of luminous gaiety and exotic sensuality. The LITTLE KISS ME box features the same decor as the bottle. The silver base of the box, like all Salvador Dali Perfumes, further enhances the youthful, magical and joyful party time theme. The nose behind this fragrance is Celine Ellena.

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