JOOP! Homme Extreme EDT 75ml

JOOP! Homme Extreme EDT 75ml

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TípusEau de toilette (EDT)
Kiszerelés75 ml
Csomagolás Eredeti doboz

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It's all about sex really. Some men are not afraid to admit this, and for them JOOP! has conceived the ultimate aphrodisiac. JOOP! Homme Extreme - for real men only - Extremely provocative attitude In 1989, JOOP! launched JOOP! Homme, a sensual and very masculine oriental perfume, immediately recognizable by its daring pink juice. Throughout the years, it has remained a symbol of seduction, the epitome of masculinity. Now, JOOP! has decided to go further by creating a fragrance that evokes an ‘extreme' physical sensation, taking you from seduction to action. JOOP! Homme Extreme is highly addictive, directly appealing to the female subconscious and instantly summoning images of passionate embraces. Provocative and attractive, the JOOP! Homme Extreme man is not afraid to be a pure and unadulterated male. JOOP! Homme Extreme is an Oriental Spicy fragrance based on an unexpected blend of untamed spices and luxurious woods. This concentrate of sensuality features a secret ingredient, at the very core of the fragrance, the ‘hot skin accord'. Deep and velvety black cocoa notes are the perfect counterpoint to this mysterious accord and are used to express the intensity of the physical act of love. The patchouli base infuses a dimension of sexiness, making it utterly addictive and addictive. Turning JOOP! Homme Extreme into a full and sensuous experience. The JOOP! Homme Extreme flacon is an intense interpretation of bottle for the iconic JOOP! Homme. The pink glass has turned to deep purple, alluding both to the intensity of the fragrance and to its nocturnal quality. The X logo is explicit; the neon glow speaks for itself. It is a direct and unashamed promise of delicious things to come. The red hot print ad was shot by renowned fashion photographer Nathaniel Goldberg. It portrays the sensual embrace of Justice Joslin, the irresistible professional football player turned model, along with supermodel and DJ Dasha Malygina. Once again, Joop! breaks the codes presenting a provocative and surprising advertising campaign fully centered on the pleasure that the male fragrance exerts on a woman. Dasha's passionate gaze and sensuous abandon perfectly illustrate the power of a man wearing JOOP! Homme Extreme. Through her eyes, one can almost feel the irresistible effect of the fragrance. Joop! Homme Extreme was launched in 2014. Így is ismerheti: Homme Extreme EDT 75 ml, HommeExtremeEDT75ml
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