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Processzor típusaIntel Pentium
Processzor modellN3700
Processzor órajel1.6 GHz
L2 cache mérete2 MB


Memória mérete4 GB
Memória típusaDDR3
Memória maximális sebessége1600 MHz
Memória foglalatok száma1
Memória maximális mérete8 GB


Kijelző mérete15.6"
Kijelző felbontása1366 x 768
Videokártya típusa Integrált
Videokártya modellIntel HD
Kijelző felületeMatt
3D kijelző Nem


Merevlemez típusa HDD
Merevlemez kapacitása500 GB
Merevlemez fordulatszáma5400 rpm


VGA (D-sub) kimenet
HDMI kimenet
Fülhallgató kimenet


Memóriakártya foglalat


Webkamera felbontása1 Mpx


Akkumulátor cellaszáma4

További tulajdonságok

USB 2.0 csatlakozók száma1
USB 3.0 csatlakozók száma3
USB Type-C Gen 1 csatlakozók számaNincs
Numerikus billentyűzetVan
Optikai meghajtóMeghajtó nélkül
Súly2.37 kg
Operációs rendszerOperációs rendszer nélkül

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The ASUSPRO P2420L & P2520L notebooks are designed for SMBs with controlled budgets that demand durable high-end performance and failsafe security. With additional USB ports and replaceable battery, they are highly productive. Budget-friendly, they’re the perfect choice for smart up-and-coming businesses on the path to success.  Style and ComfortThe P2420L & P2520L notebooks have a professional look with brushed-hairline aluminum textures and scratch-resistant coating LCD. They are ergonomically designed and feature a seamless one-piece Chiclet keyboard with precise key alignment for ultimate comfort. The anti-glare display has a matte screen surface that prevents unwanted reflections and helps reduce eye fatigue. Subtly stylishThe ASUSPRO P series uses a one-piece build to create a professional yet subtle look. The design simplicity extends to the underside, with no unnecessary clutter, and a premium look and feel is achieved by the use of abrushed-hairline aluminum textures.  True-comfort keyboard and dedicated numeric keypad increase productivityNotebook keyboards are of great concern in the workplace, as they are essential for comfort and productivity. ASUS engineers have fine-tuned the P series keyboard, providing optimum key feel and long key travel to maintain comfort during long hours of work. The keyboard also provides a full dedicated numeric keypad, complete with navigation keys, to increase efficiency for data entry or document navigation Multi-gesture touchpad - Easier to use and more precise input with scroll, rotate, and zoomWith gesture support, it effectively replaces the mouse, offering an alternative and intuitive input option. Multi-touch input allows effortless accuracy without a mouse, including two-finger web page scroll, zooming and rotating images, plus three-finger tapping to mimic a right-click. Workflow can be streamlined with gesture control, especially multi-step tasks such as presentations and research projects. Anti-glare display for comfortable viewingThe matte screen surface used in ASUSPRO notebooks prevents unwanted reflections, reducing eye fatigue. It also prevents unsightly fingerprint smudges from spoiling displayed content such as presentations. Ergonomically-angled and textured palm rest areas provide a comfortable and solid feel for optimum productivity.  Work EfficientlyBusiness and organizational users demand greater productivity and efficiency. The ASUSPRO P2420L & P2520L notebooks are extremely productive. Each one comes with a replaceable battery for easy switching for extended computing or maintenance reasons and both support 4 USB ports – three USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0. USB 3.0 and USB Charger+ offer ultra-fast transfer speeds and quick device chargingNotebooks ship with USB 3.0 as standard, delivering up to ten times the transfer speeds of USB 2.0. Exclusive ASUS USB Charger+ software easily charges smartphones, media players, and other portable devices even when notebooks are powered off or in sleep/hibernate modes — in a fraction of the time it would normally take.  Replaceable battery and smart power connect alert The removable battery pack can be replaced with an optional extended-life battery, and adding an external battery case can even double battery life. It's also easy to replace old batteries when necessary. The P Series also feature a power connector alert that notifies users if the power supply malfunctions or is disconnected, minimizing the risk of sudden shutdowns and interruptions.   Streamlined managementASUS Business Manager (ABM) is a simple, one-stop manageability and security solution specially designed for small businesses without a managed IT environment. For added security, the embedded TPM Security Chip provides with protection on a deep hardware level. They also feature fingerprint scanning that takes data access authorization and protection to a higher level. It uses sensors that are less affected by skin surface conditions including dry, worn, calloused, dirty or oily skin. ASUSPRO Business Center for PC management in one simple packageASUSPRO Business Center is a new computing platform comprising hardware, software and firmware that provides unique security and productivity capabilities. It has been specially designed for small businesses that do not have a managed IT environment, simplifying management and maintenance so you can focus more on your business. Wake-on-LAN(WOL) allows PCs to be turned on by a simple network messageASUSPRO P Essential Series have a built-in hardware module on the motherboard that supports Wake-on-LAN (WOL). This allows a computer to be powered on or woken from sleep mode by a network message via LAN connections. This feature is invaluable for remote PC maintenance and support. Green ASUSASUS leads the industry in eco-friendly processes, minimizing environmental impact with an initiative dubbed Green ASUS. It covers four areas: green design, green manufacturing, green procurement, and green services. ASUS is focused on safeguarding our planet with responsible products, and the ASUSPRO Series succeeds in combining a lower total cost of ownership with the highest environmental standards. It is fully EPEAT, Energy Star, and RoHS-certified. Akkumulátor4 cellBluetooth. 4.0GyártóASUSMerevlemezKépátlóLAN10 /100/1000Memória. Mem. TípusDDRIIILOptikai meghajtóNincsProcesszor gyártóIntelProcesszor típusPentiumProcesszor sebességProcesszor modellN3700SzínFeketeTerméksorozatP252 0USB 2.0USB 3.0Video csatlakozásD-Sub + HDMIVideokártya típusIntel HD Graphics 5500Wireless (Wifi)802.11acOperációs rendszerEgyébOperációs rendszer verzióDOSVideokártya fajtaIntegráltHáttértár típusHDD Így is ismerheti: ASUSPRO ESSENTIAL P 2520 SA XO 0020 D, ASUSPROESSENTIALP2520SAXO0020D, ASUSPRO ESSENTIAL P2520SA XO0020D, ASUSPROESSENTIALP2520SA-XO0020D, ASUSPRO ESSENTIAL P2520SA-XO0020 D
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