Ray-Ban RB8315 004/9A

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Ray-Ban Rb8315 004-9a -

63 790 Ft

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Throughout its almost eight decades long history, Ray-Ban has been pushing boundaries in both eyewear engineering and pop-culture. From presidents to rock and movie stars, from artists to runway models, Ray-Ban has proven indispensable for cultural icons of every generation. Sunglasses Ray-Ban Carbon Fibre RB8315 004/9A are part of the latest Ray-Ban collection carefully crafted for both men and women (unisex). This elegant half-rim model reflects the latest trends in contemporary designer eyewear and its rectangular shape makes Ray-Ban RB8315 the perfect choice especially for round or oval faces. Material used for the frame is carbon. Carbon is one of the lightest known solids, but at the same time, it is stronger than steel. Frames made of carbon are exceptionally light and extremely durable. The lenses are engineered to block 100% of harmful UV rays. Polarized filter also wipes out 99.9% of blinding glare and increases contrast, so your view is clearer and colors juicier. Buy your Ray-Ban Carbon Fibre RB8315 004/9A on eyerim right now and it will be delivered free of charge directly to your door in its original protective packaging including soft cleaning cloth. Így is ismerheti: RB 8315 004 9 A, RB83150049A, RB 8315 004/9A, RB8315 004/9 A
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