KONFTEL 300W konferenciatelefon   Innovatív technika, egyszerű csatlakoztatás, DECT/GAP VoIP kompatibilis, áttekinthető kijelző, felhasználóbarát menürendszer, hangrögzítés SD kártáya, akkumulátoros.   The Konftel 300W is the wireless conference phone that offers you the greatest possible freedom with a range of clever features. In addition, it boasts superior sound quality which is a must for efficient telephone conferences.   The Konftel 300W gives you the flexibility to arrange meetings without the need for electrical sockets or phone jacks. Its rechargeable battery provides talk time of up to 60 hours – you can talk for a whole working week without having to recharge!   DECT for outstanding sound and range DECT is a well-tried and tested wireless standard when it comes to security and audio transfer. The phone has a range of up to 200 metres making it possible to move it to where the conference is to be held. The Konftel 300W is GAP compatible and can therefore be integrated with existing DECT/GAP systems.   Top-quality battery with long talk time The superior-quality rechargeable battery provides up to 60 hours of talk time and 10 days of standby time when fully charged. Charge the battery by placing the Konftel 300W on the charging stand provided.   Memory card recordings The Konftel 300W can record calls or dictations onto an SD memory card. The recorded calls can be listened to on the Konftel 300W or a computer with a memory card reader.   Flexible performance As well as the wireless DECT connection, the Konftel 300W can be connected to a mobile phone and PC via a USB port for VoIP calls using wideband voice. The line mode switches and combines connections.   Conference guide Create a group in the conference guide and call everyone in the group by simply pressing a button. You can store up to 20 groups. Konftel 300W – wireless conference phone for total freedom

The Konftel 300W allows you to hold conference calls where and when it is convenient – without worrying about phone jacks and power outlets. The rechargeable lithiumion battery ensures superior performance with up to 60 hours of talk time, this allows a full working week without worrying about recharging! The Konftel 300W supports DECT 6.0 for less interference and clearer conversations and moreover is easily integrated with existing DECT systems for complete coverage. The Konftel 300W can also be easily connected to your cell phone or computer via USB for VoIP calls over the internet. Its embedded line mode enables you to connect DECT, cell phones and USB simultaneously for multi-party calls. The Konftel 300W has several smart features to make your meetings as easy and efficient as possible. Record calls on a SD memory card, listen to it later or share it with others. The built-in conference guide helps you dial multi-party calls, store call groups and initiate reoccurring meetings. The Konftel 300W is equipped with Konftel’s patented OmniSound audio technology for crystal clear sound and its elegant Scandinavian design makes it a welcome addition to any conference room.   CONTENTS
US Version Item no. 840101067: Konftel 300W, rechargeable battery, Konftel DECT base station, Konftel charging cradle, USB-cable, power cable and AC adapter and quick guide.

European Version Item no. 910101067: Konftel 300W, Konftel DECT base station, rechargeable battery, Konftel charging cradle, USB-cable, power cable and AC adapter and quick guide.

European Version (without Konftel DECT base station) Item no. 910101066: Konftel 300W, rechargeable battery, Konftel charging cradle, USB-cable, power cable and AC adapter and quick guide.

Interoperability list for Konftel 300W

Menu and quick guides in Danish, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, German and Russian.

OmniSound® 2.0 Wideband.
Microphone Omnidirectional.
Frequency bands – DECT 200-3300 Hz, USB 200-7000 Hz.
Reception area: Up to 320 sq ft/30 m2 < 10 people.
Volume: Max 90 dB SPL 0.5 m.
Equalizer: Three pitches: soft, neutral and bright.

Konftel 300W. DECT 6.0: GAP compatible, range up to 200 m in open space, 50 m in buildings. Cell phone: 6/6. USB 2.0.
Konftel DECT base: Analog PBX or PSTN, RJ-11, GAP com-patible.

5200 mAh, up to 60 h talk time/270 h standby.

Charging: AC adapter 100-240 V AC/14 V DC, length 6 m.
Konftel DECT base: AC adapter 100-240 V AC/6 V DC, length 2 m.

200 contacts

Supports recording on SD memory cards up to 2 GB.

Kensington® security slot.

Konftel 300W. Size: Diameter 9.4 in. /240 mm, height 3 in. /77 mm. Weight: 2.20lb.
Konftel DECT base. Size 6.8x6.3 in (175x160 mm), weight 0.53 lb, (240 g).
Colour: Liquorice black.

Display screen: LCD, 128x64 px (5x2.5).
Keypad: Alphanumerical 0-9, *, off hook/F, on hook, mute, hold, volume up, volume down, 5 buttons for menu navigation, line mode, conference guide.

Electrical safety:
IEC 60950-1:2005,
EN 60950-1:2006,
A11 ANSI/UL 60950-1-2007,
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60950-1-07.
ES 203021-1,
ES 203021-2,
ES 203021-3,
EN 301 489 V1.8. 1 (2008-04),
EN 301489-6 FCC Part 68,
FCC Part 15 subpart D.

Temperature: 23°-104°F/5°–40°C.
Relative humidity: 20-80% condensation free. Így is ismerheti: 300 W
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