KONFTEL 250 konferenciatelefonNagyobb tárgyalókba ajánlott, kijelzős konferenciatelefon, analóg mellékre, bővíthető külső mikrofonnal, bővíthető külső mikrofonnal, felhasználóbarát menürendszer, hangrögzítés SD kártáya. Konftel 250 Simple yet Sophisticated Konftel 250 is an excellent choice for holding telephone conferences with great sound quality. Its the obvious choice when you have an analogue linehigh performance, smart features and expandable too. The Konftel 250 is equipped with Konftels patented OmniSound 2.0 audio technology, for crystal-clear sound. Save your contacts in the phone book and use the conference guide to easily set up multi-party calls or pre-programmed group calls. Konftel 250 also has a built-in recording function that enables you to record your calls on an SD memory card. With its modern Scandinavian design, Konftel 250 will be a welcome addition to any conference room. Its also ideal in larger settings with the addition of optional expansion microphones. Hold productive telephone conference meetings that not only save time but the environment as well by cutting travel expenses. Plug and Play simplicity Connect the Konftel 250 to an analogue telephone line and to a power outlet and your ready to go! Fast and easy. There is a conference guide included, perfect for making multi-party calls and a phone book ideal for storing contacts. SD Recording function Just because the Konftel 250 is so easy to use doesnt mean that it lacks advanced innovative features. Record your meetings on an SD memory card, perfect for when you want to document and archive a meeting, circulate it for immediate action or play it back to people who were unable to attend. Excellent sound quality in Scandinavian design Naturally, the Konftel 250 is equipped with Konftels patented audio technology, OmniSound 2.0 for crystal-clear sound. You can also use the optional expansion microphones to effectively double the voice pickup range. The Konftel 250s built in omni-directional microphone along with the directional expansion microphones combine to ensure optimal voice pickup in larger conference rooms. The phone also has a modern Scandinavian design that makes it a welcome addition to any conference room. Spontaneous telephone conferences The Konftel 250 allows you to have spontaneous telephone conferences with one or more parties, an easy and convenient way of disseminating information and sharing ideas. OmniSound 2.0 a sound sensation Our patented audio technology, OmniSound, is embedded into all Konftel phones to ensure crystal-clear voice transmission. OmniSound 2.0 provides the Kontel 250 with the capability to deliver an even more impressive audio quality. Just like OmniSound, OmniSound 2.0 uses full duplex, an omni-directional microphone and three speakers for optimal audio performance. OmniSound 2.0 features noise suppression, that minimises distracting background noise and an equaliser that allows you to adjust sound levels during meetings.
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