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The system telephone IP240 is the new flagship product in the series of telephones for the innovaphone PBX. It joins the long standing optimized features of the classic IP200 with the modern hardware of the IP230 to form a mature and high quality terminal. Alphanumeric keyboard The ergonomic integrated alphanumeric keyboard is a special highlight. It enables quick choice using the dial-by-name feature. The flexible LDAP interface to databases and directories enables large databases to be checked and provided at top speed. The selection is narrowed down with every letter typed in, until the required name is shown on the 7 line display. Messaging Sending and receiving messages is possible between telephones as of firmware version 7. The alphanumeric keyboard is also perfect for writing these quick messages. Furthermore this telephone has a special LED indicator for new messages. Digital headset interface The IP240 also supports the digital interface for headsets (DHSG). The headset interface enables calls to be picked up and called off by using a button on the headset itself. In addition volume regulating buttons and a mute button are possible on this interface. Fast Ethernet connection The telephone is connected to the data network over ethernet. An internal switch also enables a second ethernet connection. It can be used for example to connect a further device such as a PC o the network. The ethernet connection can also be used as a power supply for the device. In this case the telephone uses "Power over Ethernet" Class 1 (according to IEEE 802.3af). The connectors are easy to access on the rear side of the telephone. Pc. : LSNYNNKYP748 Így is ismerheti: IP 240 a, IP 240a, IP240 a
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