Gigaset R630H PRO

Gigaset R630H PRO

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R630H Gigaset PRO This robust DECT phone offers all the important features that are relevant to an efficient handset. Developed according to the latest standards, the phone is compatible with all Gigaset DECT base stations. The R630H PRO is optimized for use in combination with the Gigaset N510 IP PRO Single - and multi-cell system N720 DECT IP, thus full compatibility is ensured. Large rubber buttons ensure easy operation and thus ensure a high level of user comfort. The phone can be used an entire working day, without it needing to be recharged. With its certified protection class, the rugged enclosure and modern appearance that R630H is PRO all requirements to a phone, no matter where you call. The R630H PRO meets international standard IP65. It provides protection against dust and water, making it the perfect business handset for factory buildings, factory premises, construction sites and other demanding work environments. Multicell with roaming and handover The R630H PRO Gigaset PRO supports all multi-cell systems and the single cell system. It has direct access to the Gigaset PRO PBX Manager. This enables searches in corporate phone books, browse and voicemails, even if you are traveling. Rubberized keys for the perfect fit The ribbed battery cover ensures a firm grip so that the phone can not slip out of your hands. Large rubber buttons ensure easy operation and serve the ease of use for an easy and precise application, even if you wear gloves. The keypad has a clear, illuminated, durable and washable surface. The smooth and ergonomic interface provides the R630H PRO the perfect fit between your head and shoulder. With the rubberized surface of the phone can not slip. Audio profiles and vibration alarm in meeting mode Different business situations require different volumes and alerting options. The R630H PRO features a number of advanced audio features, as well as a profile keys for easy switching between ringtones for noisy or normal environments. It also features a vibrating alarm for meetings and for situations in excessively noisy environments, or other business circumstances in which a vibrator is preferred. LED and signal flashlight The Flashlight function of the R630H PRO provides additional useful benefits. For incoming calls in meeting mode are signaled by the flashing of LED light. In addition, the caller information is displayed. Pc. : LSNGYGXR6384 Így is ismerheti: R 630 H PRO, R630HPRO, R 630H PR O

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