Aastra 6869i

Aastra 6869i

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Mobilteil inkl. Basisstation Datasheet: Display 4.3" 480x270 pixel color backlit LCD display Keys 12 Programmable soft keys with LED’s that can be customized to access up to a total of 40 functions Codecs G. 711 μ-law/A-law, G. 729, G. 722, AMR/AMR-WB (G. 722.2), G. 726, iLBC, BV16, BV32, L16 EHS DHSG/EHS and 4-pin Modular headset port supported Handset Hearing aid compatible handset; Aastra Hi-Q Audio technology Languages DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, more downloadable Ethernet Two Switched-Ethernet-Ports (LAN-and PC-ports), 10/100/1.000 Mb/s Power over Ethernet Class 3 Lines 12 SIP-lines Powerful, Expandable SIP Desktop Phone with Rich Color Display and Advanced Audio Processing A 12-line SIP phone that boasts a large high resolution color display and delivers outstanding audio performance designed for power users who demand a lot from their phones. Supporting today’s high speed networks through dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, the 6869i offers a large 4.3" color backlit LCD display, 12 programmable soft keys, 5 programmable context sensitive system keys and native DHSG/EHS headset support. Offering remarkable HD wideband audio, an enhanced speakerphone that utilizes dual microphones, advanced audio processing and a unique audio design, the Aastra 6869i delivers rich and crystal clear handsfree conversations. When equipped with an optional detachable keyboard, and up to three expansion modules, the 6869i becomes a robust productivity-enhancing desktop communication tool. With its fully customizable hard key layout, XML capabilities and a PoE class 3 rating, the 6869i is one of the most advanced SIP desktop phones available on the market today Remarkable Audio All 6800i Series SIP Phones feature Aastra’s high definition Hi-Q audio technology to deliver enhanced performance and voice clarity. Integrating HD wideband audio codecs, advanced audio processing and hardware components that support a true wideband frequency range, the 6869i offers a superior voice experience on each audio path - handset, speakerphone or headset port - making conversations crystal clear and more life-like. The unique audio design of the 6869i allows it to build on the impressive audio characteristics of the 6867i, which also utilizes dual microphones and advanced voice signal processing, to further enhance its audio performance making handsfree conversations sound even richer and clearer. Large High Resolution Color Screen Display The Aastra 6869i features an exceptionally large high resolution 4.3" 480x270 pixel color backlit LCD display that delivers a rich visual presentation helping maximize productivity and ease of use. The large color display combined with ICON based navigation menus and intuitive User Interface makes the many powerful telephony features of the 6869i instinctively easy to use. Flexible Headset Options The Aastra 6869i features an innovative headset port that uniquely provides dual support for DHSG/EHS and modular 4-pin headset connections. Users with wireless headsets that support DHSG/EHS can now connect directly to the 6869i without the added cost of additional adaptors or cables. Environmentally Friendly All Aastra 6800i Series SIP phones have been designed to be environmentally friendly. The Aastra 6869i also supports an optional Efficiency Level V compliant power adaptor if required. With smaller packaging that includes 100% recycled and biodegradable material, the Aastra 6800i Series is one of the most environmentally friendly family of SIP phones on the market. Pc. : LSNXXST6869Y Így is ismerheti: 6869 i

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