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Datasheet: Display Colour TFT display (2, 176 x 220 dots, 65,536 colours) Directory 200 entries Keys Illuminated, 3 Softkeys for menu control, programmable keys: 1x Hotkey, 2x navigation keys, 2x soft keys, 3x side keys; key lock, volume control Interfaces Headset connector (2,5 mm jack), Bluetooth headset support, Mini USB, microSD card LEDs 3 colour multi-purpose LED, which can be set for visualisation of functions Call history 50 entries, Redial list with 30 entries Standards DECT CAT-iq 1.0, GAP Ingress protection IP 50 Audio codecs G. 726, G. 722 Battery Up to 12h talk time, up to 100h Stand-by Aastra 650c features excellent audio quality, as defined in the new CAT-iq standard for state of the art DECT equipment. The device can be used as a GAP phone, CAT-iq 1.0 phone or as a system phone on any of the systems which support the Aastra 600d handset generation. The full benefit of the new wideband features will be reached when CAT-iq is supported by the PBX and by the DECT infrastructure (RFPs). However, even when used with old infrastructure, the audio performance will improve, due to the high end audio modules being used (i. e. loudspeaker, amplifier, receiver etc. ). The optionally applicable microSD-Card saves the subscription data and the most important local device data as well as your private phone book. This guarantees that if a handset is defective the key data can be quickly transferred to a replacement handset just by moving the card. The new handset can be used immediatedly without having to subscribe again. Pc. : LSNXXST658C Így is ismerheti: 650 c DECT, 650cDECT
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