Jabra GN9120 MidiBoom 9120-49-21

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Vezeték nélküliIgen
Hatótávolság150 méter
Beszélgetési idő12 óra
Készenléti idő92 óra
Súly26 g

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  • Truly wireless headset for complete freedom and ease of use.
  • Full mobility in the office ? up to 150m range & up to a 12-hour talk time.
  • Unique CC Benefit:  allows up to 4 agents to be trained at once
  • Unique CC Benefit:  can operate 2-3 headsets from one base unit and recharge on additional units
  • Unique CC Benefit:  wide range of optional extras ? choice of 3 boom arms, noise cancelling, filtering and standard microphones & remote call answering / ending
  • Ultra-lightweight: weighs the same as a traditional-style headset
  • Telephone conferencing: fully mobile, hassle-free conference calling on the move
  • only for GAP-compatible DECT-Telephones
The GN 9120 is a wireless headset that can revolutionise the way staff operate in the workplace be it office or contact centre. Unparalleled personal mobility allows workers to move freely about the facility to refer to files, reference points or products whilst on the phone, dealing more efficiently and quickly with the customer.   With unbeatable acoustic performance over a wide range, a robust talk time and a host of innovative features and benefits, the revolutionary GN 9120 will transform your workplace.   The unique conference call feature lets you hold fully secure conference calls on the move without being tiedto meeting rooms or ruined by crackling speakerphones ? also particularly useful for training purposes in contact centres where up to four agents can listen-in to a call. The GN 9120 comes with a host of accessory options like remote call answering/ending, which lets you answer/end calls while away from your desk. And, you can even buy additional headsets for colleagues or visitors or an extra base unit for charging spare headsets ? ideal for shift patterns in contact centres. Naturally, it?s compliant with the toughest acoustic shock protection standards, and is compatible with virtually any desk telephone. Így is ismerheti: GN 9120 MidiBoom 9120 49 21, GN9120MidiBoom91204921, GN9120 MidiBoom 9120 49 21, GN9120MidiBoom9120-49-21, GN 9120 MidiBoom 9120-49-21, GN9120 MidiBoom 9120-49 21
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