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Fülhallgató típusaFülhallgató
Min. frekvencia15 Hz
Max. frekvencia22000 Hz
Érzékenység105 dB
Kábelhossz120 cm
Súly12 g

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Onkyo ie-cti300 fülhallgató

Kiváló hangzásminőségű fülhallgató a levehető kábelbe épített Apple készülék vezérlővel, mikrofonnal, 14,3 mm-es titánmembrános hangszóróval. Fekete színben. 6N tisztaságú, OFC kábellel fekete színben, ezüstszímnű kábellel

Key Features

  • Seamless Control of Apple Devices

  • Detachable Copper Cable with Inline Controls

  • High-Performance Dynamic Drivers

  • Powerful and Controlled Bass Performance

  • Rugged Construction

In-Ear Headphones

Meet Your New Best Friend

Discover the award-winning sound of Onkyo in-ear headphones with the added convenience of an inline cable controller for Apple devices. Now you can skip tracks, make volume adjustments, and accept or reject calls at the touch of a button on the cable. As a premium hi-fi product, the detachable cable features an oxygen-free 6N copper core sealed in transparent elastomer to reduce tangles and touch noise. Large 14.3 mm (9/16˝) dynamic drivers reproduce an exceptionally wide range of frequencies with brilliantly clear mid-range performance. Bass is punchy and musical while leaving plenty of headroom for the treble to breathe. Light, stylish, and comfortable to wear when you’re out and about, the IE-CTI300s are the perfect high-fidelity partner for your iPod® or iOS device.

Technical Details


  • Control iPod nano®, iPod shuffle®, iPod classic®, iPod touch®, iPhone®, and iPad® with Inline Cable Controls*

  • Play/Pause, Track Search/Select, and Volume Control Functions

  • Accept and Reject Calls at the Touch of a Button

  • Extra-Large 14.3 mm (9/16˝) Drivers for Deep Bass, Clear Mid-Range, and Detailed Treble

  • Anti-Resonant Aluminum/ABS Resin Hybrid Body

  • Detachable 6N Oxygen-Free Copper Cable with

  • iOS-Certified Inline Controls and Microphone

  • Gold-Plated MMCX Connectors and Reinforced L-Shaped Mini-Stereo Plug

  • Elastomer Cable Sheath Resists Tangling and Touch Noise

  • Detachable Design for Easy Cable Replacement and Storage

  • Four Earpad Sizes Included for a Secure Fit and Better Noise Isolation

  • Tough, Lightweight, Durable Construction

*Remote and mic functions are supported on iPhone® 3GS or later, iPad®,

iPod touch® (2nd generation or later), iPod classic® (120 GB, 160 GB [2009]), and iPod nano® (4th generation or later). The new iPhone 5s/5c and iOS 7 operating system are also supported. Only remote functionality is supported on iPod shuffle® (3rd generation or later). Audio playback is supported on all iPad, iPhone, and iPod models.

Seamless Control of Apple Devices

From the 160 GB iPod classic® favored by committed music collectors to the endless entertainment possibilities of iPhone® and iPad®, you’ll find it easier to cue and control your media with the IE-CTI300. Inline controls work with all Apple devices to make on-the-fly adjustments easier. If a call comes in, just tap a button on the control. Your music will mute automatically and you can start talking straight away, with your caller’s voice coming clean and clear through the earphones.


Detachable Copper Cable with Inline Controls

To strike a balance between sound quality and convenience, your included cable features an oxygen-free 6N copper core that provides close to perfect conductivity, which equals cleaner sound. Encased in a transparent elastomer coating to minimize touch noise, this audiophile-grade cable incorporates an iOS-Certified inline control with mic, allowing users of Apple devices to skip tracks, adjust the volume, and take or reject phone calls at the touch of a button. Gold-plated MMCX connectors, meanwhile, let you swap out the cable if you’re unlucky enough to damage it.

Note: Some smartphone cases including Apple iPhone 5s/5c cases may prevent

a proper cable connection.


High-Performance Dynamic Drivers

The IE-CTI300s feature 14.3 mm (9/16˝) dynamic drivers encased in a non-resonant ABS housing. These award-winning transducers are larger than average to reproduce a wide 15 Hz–22 kHz frequency range with ample resolution for subtle details. Mid-range performance has been praised as being exceptionally vivid and natural with a sense of spaciousness that won’t fatigue the listener. For audio playback that’s faithful to the original, these headphones are voiced for neutrality with no excessive emphasis on any particular frequency.


Powerful and Controlled Bass Performance

The large driver size assists in producing a wider frequency range, reaching deep to create a full-bodied, natural bass sound. Combined with rigid driver enclosures to dampen resonances that can lead to distortion, the drivers provide a solid and agile bass foundation for all types of music.


Comfort for Long Listening Sessions

We include four pairs of earpads in a range of sizes to ensure a comfortable, secure fit and excellent sound isolation. These headphones are remarkably lightweight and won’t come loose when you’re running for a train, and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.


Rugged Construction

High portability inevitably means a greater risk of bumps, bangs, and knocks. Onkyo protects your investment with the use of tough, impact-resistant materials. All cable connectors are gold plated to preserve signal integrity and resist the effects of corrosion, extending the life of your headphones.
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