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Nissin i40 Fuji (NI-HI40F) Nissin i40 FujifilmThe pocket size of Nissin i40 weights only 203g of weight. It is suitable for filling shadows on even the sunniest of days, suitable for family shooting, indoor/ outdoor shooting and especially suitable for traveling. Professional functions are included: Wireless TTL mode; Supports up to 1/8,000 seconds shutter speed; Flash output of GN40 at 105mm; Video light function with 9 steps of output level adjustment; Simple operation panel with two selector dials to operate the flash; Flash head tilts up and rotates horizontally to right and left for making bounced lighting more versatile by utilizing more angles. A Soft box is supplied. Nissin i40 with Canon, Nikon, Sony and FT version. Focal length range coverage of 24-105mm˙Powerful output˙Soft box The Nissin i40 has a flash output of GN40 at 105mm. The zoom range auto adjusts from 24mm- 105mm. The flash comes equipped with a built-in diffuser that gives a 16mm lens coverage. A Soft box is included for soften light output and reduce the shadows. Professional flash head design The flash head rotates horizontally 180° to right and left and tilts up 90°which is suitable for close up photography. This makes bounce shooting more arbitrary, with more angles that can be used. LED Video light Nissin i40 has a video light function, which has 9 steps of output level adjustment. Selector dial˙Simply operation panel Nissin i40 has two selector dials controls : Function dial and Power dial. The Indicated lamp A/B/C will show the position of adjustment. Even beginners can quickly get started. Four size-AA batteries 4 AA batteries to operate the i40, it can reduce the frequency of changing the batteries and reduce the recycling time. Metal hotshoe ˙Quick release button Durable metal hotshot design with quick release button, easy to install and reduce the chance of damage caused by installation. Features:Guide no. (at ISO 100 in m): 40 (at 105mm zoom head position); 27 (at 35mm zoom head position)Focal length coverage: 24 - 105mm (16mm when using built -in wide panel)Power Source: Four size-AA batteriesBattery storage: Directly insert into the bodyRecycling Time: 0.1 - 4 secNumber of flashes (Approx. ): 220 - 1,700 flashesLED light run time (Approx. ): 3.5hrs (With New batteries set)Flash duration: 1/800 - 1/20,000 secColor Temperature: 5,600KExposure control E-TTL II/ E-TTL (Canon) Wireless Mode: Wireless TTL slave, non-TTL Slave (SD, SF mode) EV compensation on flash: +/- 2EV in increments of ½ of EVBounce position Up: 0-90°, Down: 0°, Left: 0-180°, Right: 0-180°Flash exposure control: st & 2nd curtain synchronization, High speed synchronization, redeye reduction, slow synchronizationdepends on camera), FE/ FV lock (set on camera)AF-assist beam effective range: 0.7 - 5mOperation panel: 2 Selector dials (Function dial and Power dial)Manual mode power ratio: 1/256 - 1/1LED Video light: Built in LED video light with 9 steps of output level adjustment Funkciók Slave Function: igen Modeling Light: igen Wireless Flash Control: igen Manual Setting: igen Áramellátás Energy Supply: Rechargeable Batteries / Batteries Type of Battery / Rechargeable Battery: AA Mignon Required Number: 4 Műszaki adatok Connection for: Fujifilm Guide Number (at ISO 100): 40 Exposure Control: TTL Flash Head Swivelable: igen Charging Time (min. /sec): 4 Max. Number of Flashes: 220 Típus Típus: Vaku Àltalános Szín: fekete Méretek (mm): 85 x 61 x 85 Súly (g): 203 EAN: 4013904001567 Így is ismerheti: i 40 Fujifilm, i40Fujifilm, i 40 (Fuji fi lm), i40 ( Fujifilm)
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