mantona Kodiak XL-12 (22013)

mantona Kodiak XL-12 (22013)

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mantona Kodiak XL-12 (22013) Kérem válaszon nyelvet: mantona Kodiak XL-12 tripod with ball head and bagFeatures:Professional, aluminum tripod with 180° tiltable centre columnWith Onyx 12 ball head (12 kg load capacity) and matching tripod bagExclusive workmanship, extremely high sturdiness and attractive appearanceMax. load bearing capacity of 12 kg, height adjustable from 8 to 190 cm2.48 kg weight and packing dimension of 63 cmRing lock screw fasteners, 4 tripod segments with a diameter of 32, 28, 25 and 22 mmIncl. 2nd short centre column, 3 foam grips, a bubble level in the tripod shoulder, spikes and a mini LED lightThe mantona Kodiak tripod XL-12 is the perfect choice for ambitious travel, outdoor and nature photographers with special requirements. The top-class workmanship and features will delight users as much as the wonderful functions and sturdiness. With the 180° tiltable centre column, you can shoot without bounds when it comes to placing your equipment on the horizontal and vertical planes. The included ball head has a high load capacity of 12 kg and and pleases with its elaborate workmanship and a pleasant operation. Exclusive appearance and exceptional versatility 08/15 was yesterday; the mantona Kodiak XL tripod, gives limitless opportunities for your photography projects! The centre column of this tripod can be rotated by 360 degrees and can be tilted down 180 degrees vertically. Thanks to the exclusive workmanship and the features, using this tripod is a real pleasure! The tripod is made from a very sturdy aluminum alloy and the four tripod segments with a diameter of a maximum of 32 mm can be adjusted easily and quickly using the non-slip ring lock twist screw fasteners. Despite the enormous maximum height, the very high load bearing capacity of 18 kg and the broad range of features, the Kodiak XL only weighs 2.48 kg, making it a lightweight in this class. Extreme variability for your shoots The Kodiak XL-12 is a genuine multi-talent thanks to its extremely wide range of working heights. When the centre column is pulled out, the Kodiak XL-12 offers a working height of 190 cm. Even when the centre column is pushed in, giving maximum stability, it reaches a very comfortable height of 160 cm with the tripod head. When taking macro shots, the strengths of the Kodiak come into their own. With its tiltable centre column construction, your photo equipment can be placed in almost any position you like. With the separate, short middle column, the working height can be reduced to a very low 8 cm and, of course, the centre column can be removed and mounted in reverse position under the tripod shoulder. The whole thing will not rotate by accident, and is very sturdy thanks to intelligent centre column and tripod shoulder construction. First-class handling, clever details and high-quality operating elements You will thoroughly enjoy using this tripod. The angle of the tripod legs can be adjusted using the ergonomically shaped locking clips at 3 levels. Large tripod legs made from aluminum with diameters of 32, 28, 25 and 22 mm ensure the utmost level of stability. Thanks to the integrated spikes and the safety hook, it can be used on slippery terrain such as slush, snow or ice. A bubble level in the tripod shoulder makes it easy to adjust the alignment of the tripod, and the intelligent construction of the tripod shoulder ensures neat, cushioned panoramic panning shots, even without the tripod head. The 3 foam grips ensure pleasant handling even in cold weather, and the mini LED light included is a lovely gadget that can be put on and taken off depending on the lighting. High technical features and 12 kg max load ball head and perfect fitting carrying bag The ball head, despite its load bearing capacity of 12 kg, offers very smooth and sleek operation. The Onyx 12 ball head incl. quick-release plate weighs only 366 g. In addition to the comfortable handling, this ball head has high technical and mechanical fundamentals. The 36-mm ball of the Onyx 12 offers clean cushioning and is precision-made. In conjunction with the excellently made housing and integrated mechanics, this ball head is guaranteed to last a long time. The Onyx 12 ball head has a wide range of useful features of the highest quality. The quick-release plate is Arca-Swiss compatible, and scaling on the ball head plate and quick-release plate mean you can orient your equipment with precision. Of course, there is also a safety device for the quick-release plate. The 1/4-inch fixation screw for the camera can be attached simply with a D-ring without any extra tools. The high-quality features are rounded off by two bubble levels and a spirit level. Smooth cushioning and a precise panorama scale ensure that panning will be smooth and controlled. The wide range of excellent features make the ball heads in the Onyx series a very pleasant and high-performance assistant for amateur and professional photographers. Also included is a high quality padded tripod bag with a length of 66 cm. Features of the Kodiak XL-12:Professional, aluminum tripod with 180° tiltable centre columnExclusive workmanship, extremely high sturdiness and attractive appearanceHigh maximum load-bearing capacity of 18 kg for the tripod, 12 kg for the ball headHeight adjustable from 8 to 190 cm2.49 kg weight and packing dimension of 63 cmRing lock twist fasteners4 tripod segments with a diameter of 32, 28, 25 and 22 mmIncl. separate, short centre column, 3 foam grips, a bubble level in the tripod shoulder, spikes and a mini LED lightIdeal for:Demanding landscape, architecture and animal photographyFor full-format, DSLR, mirrorless DSLM and system camera, camcordersMacro photographyStudio, event, wedding photography and interviewsPortrait, reportage and documentariesSpotting scopesGimbal tripod heads Equipment Water Level / Spirit Level: Yes Type Type of Tripod: Tripod Features Material: Aluminium Max. Weight Capacity (kg): 12 Max. Working Height (cm): 190,0 Min. Working Height (cm): 8,0 Max. Diameter Tripod Leg (mm): 32 Number of Segments: 4 Folded Height (cm): 63,0 General Colour: Black Weight (kg): 2,48 EAN: 4056929220131 Így is ismerheti: Kodiak XL 12 22013, KodiakXL1222013, Kodiak XL 12 (22013), KodiakXL-1222013, Kodiak XL-12 ( 22013)

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