DAP-Audio MA-630

DAP-Audio MA-630

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The MA-630TU is a versatile 100V amplifier due to the matrix functionality. It has 4 inputs and 6 individual outputs. With the zone selection buttons you are able to route each input and the media player to your desired output and control different audio sources for 6 areas. With the headphones output at the front-side you are able to monitor each zone to check which music is playing in which area. The media player has a tuner and USB/SD slot. This makes the MA-630TU a complete stand-alone solution for shops, restaurants, schools, museums and any kind of public area where an audio solution is needed. Features:• 6 individual 30W outputs• 3 inputs with matrix functionality• Inputs: 1 x Mic, 2 x Line/Mic, 3 x Line• Front line input, 3.5mm Jack• AM/FM Tuner• USB / SD Media Player • Monitor functionality for each zone• 8-16Ohm & 70/100V output• Chime & Siren• Priority on input 1• Limiter protectionThese amplifiers are designed for PA systems with applications such as announcement, intercommunication, background music and broadcasting in convention-halls, shopping centers, dining rooms, auditoriums and recreation areas. These desk top amplifiers have an integrated protective circuit to withstand overload or short-circuits of output. This results in very high reliability and easy installations without extra audio processors. It is a complete range from simple amplifiers till matrix amplifiers with built-in tuner and media player. Jellemzõk:Output Power: 6 x 30WPower outputs: 8-16Ohm, 70V, 100V (terminal strip)Input 1: Microphone (6.3mm Jack)Input 2: Line/Microphone with phantom power (XLR/Jack combo)Input 3: Line/Microphone with phantom power (XLR/Jack combo)Input 4: TAPE/CD/AUX switchable (RCA)Tuner Presets: 5Media player: MP3 formatMedia player EQ: pop/classic/jazz/rockIndication LEDs: Signal & Clip for each output, PowerChime: Two tones pre-announcementPriority: Input 1 ( switch & terminal strip, N. O. contact)Siren: Sinus sweep, (terminal strip)Main power supply: 230V AC, 50/60HzPower consumption: 300WPower connection: IECDimensions: 420 x 374 x 100mm (WxDxH)Weight: 11,5 KgAccessories: 19" Rack mountsFull specification in manual Így is ismerheti: MA 630, MA630

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