DAP-Audio MA-4150

DAP-Audio MA-4150

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The MA-460 and MA4150 are matrix amplifiers. This gives you the functionality to route any input to any output. With this functionality you can control 5 audio sources on 4 different areas from one unit. Each input is equipped with adjustable gain and bass treble control. At the front panel you can monitor each zone with a pair of headphones and plug in a MP3 player with a 3.5mm jack cable. Each zone has its own VU indication which gives you the output level in one overview. All zones are equipped with pre amp outputs to extend the system with extra mono amplifiers like the DAP VPA series. Features:• 4 individual 150W outputs• 5 Inputs with matrix functionality • Bass & Treble control on each channel• Front line input, 3.5mm Jack• Pre amp zone outputs• Telephone paging with volume & zone control• 4/8Ohm & 25/70/100V output• Monitor output• Priority on input 1• Limiter protectionThese amplifiers are designed for PA systems with applications such as announcement, intercommunication, background music and broadcasting in convention-halls, shopping centers, dining rooms, auditoriums and recreation areas. These desk top amplifiers have an integrated protective circuit to withstand overload or short-circuits of output. This results in very high reliability and easy installations without extra audio processors. It is a complete range from simple amplifiers till matrix amplifiers with built-in tuner and media player. Jellemzõk:Output Power: 4 x 150WPower outputs: 4Ohm, 8Ohm, 25V, 70V, 100V (terminal strip)Zone pre amp outputs: Terminal strip Input 1: Line/Microphone with variable gain and phantom power (XLR/Jack combo)Input 2: Line/Microphone with variable gain and phantom power (XLR/Jack combo)Input 3: Line/Microphone with variable gain and phantom power (XLR/Jack combo)Input 4: Line with variable gain (RCA)Input 5: Line with variable gain (RCA)Indication LEDs: VU bar with clip indication each zoneTone control: Bass 100 Hz, treble 10 KHz, +/-12dBPriority: Input 1 (terminal strip, N. O. contact)Monitor output: 1W 8Ohm & Line, terminal strip Tel paging zone: By dipswitch back panel Main power supply: 230V AC, 50/60HzPower consumption: 1100WPower connection: IECDimensions: 420 x 374 x 145 mm (WxDxH)Weight: 12,5KgAccessories: 19" Rack mountsFull specification in manual Így is ismerheti: MA 4150, MA4150

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