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Hagstrom H-III White Gloss

222 900 Ft
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The H-II and H-III were introduced in 1965, so 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of these iconic guitars. Known for their quirky switches and easy playability, they quickly achieved wide popularity. Favorites among punk and grunge bands looking for a hard-rocking individualist statement, H-IIs and H-IIIs have been showing up in the hands of artists such as Aaron North (The Icarus Line, Nine Inch Nails) for years. Many people have been asking for these classics to be re-issued, and we at Hagstrom are happy to comply with lovingly recreated and updated versions of these great classics. A comfortably profiled Canadian Maple neck is bolted to a hand-selected American Alder body insuring that the original attack and bite of the H-II and H-III is maintained. The classic 6-in-line Hagstrom headstock design, used for the first production of H-IIs and H-IIIs, has been slightly updated, and the Vintage Tremar has been re-engineered for functional improvements without sacrificing its original appearance. Hagstrom has taken great care in recreating the original pickups, and the new cera mic „C-Spin pickups do an excellent job of matching the originals’ sonic glory. Tone-shaping functionality is enhanced by incorporating Hagstrom’s new RC-Circuit into the volume control, which allows for volume reduction without the loss of that high frequency shimmer. BodyMaterial: American AlderStyle: Double CutawayBinding: NoneNeckJoint: Bolt OnMaterial: Canadian Hard MapleBinding: NoneTruss Rod: H-ExpanderFinberboard/NutMaterial: ResinatorRadius: 15"Inlays: 6 mm Pearl DotFrets: 22 Medium JumboScale Length: 24.75" (628 mm)Nut: GraphTech Black Tusq XLNut Width: 43mmElectronicsPickups: 3 x Hagstrom Ceramic C-SpinPickup Selection:Neck Pickup On/OffMiddle Pickup On/OffBridge Pickup On/OffMaster Tone On/OffMute On/OffTop (Bass Cut) On/OffControls:1 x Volume with R/C Tone CircuitKill Switch on Upper HornPartsBridge: Long Travel T-O-M Roller BridgeTailpiece: Hagstrom Vintage TremarMachine Keys: Hagstrom 15:1 Die CastStrings: D'Addario EXP 110 (10-46) Így is ismerheti: H III, HIII
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