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So far, even if there are kinds of upsampling CD-Players in the market, we still can not disremember the performance of the CD-Player with 16 bit. As memorial of the tone of 16 bit CD-Player, Xindak engineer especially designed this entry-level 16 bit CD-Player.

C06 adopts simple style on the design. The engineers predigest the complex output ports: the general layout on the rear panel is same as other CD-Players, standard IEC AC input jack; one group of 24K gold-plated RCA analog output terminals and one of RCA coaxial digital output terminals. Compared to the design of Xindak Muse 1.0 CD-Player, C06 cancels the small middle part, headphone jack and volume control for headphone on the front panel of Muse 1.0, but adds one blue ring for the indicator, which makes the design more harmonious with the amplifier A06 in same set.
C06 adopts servo system CD18 from Philips, and TDA1543 16Bit current-output DAC chip which is good on the music performance ability. The pure tone color from C06, not only because of the famous TDA1543 DAC chip, but also because of the special circuit design inside. Instead of the ordinary 44.1 KHz sampling frequency with 16bit sampling precision, this CD-player adopts design as 176.4 Khz sampling frequency. In addition, different separate windings of annular transformer supply the power supply for analog and difital circuit separately. Adopt parallel connection regulators design on the DAC power supply part. , which with lower essential resistance and less sound coloration.
The aborative design and characters for TDA1543 DAC chip, endows this CD-Player C06 with very good music performance. Így is ismerheti: C 06
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