Harman/Kardon HD-3700

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Harman/Kardon HD-3700/230 CD lejátszó The HD 3700 is the definitive answer to 21st century compact disc listening.

Using a premium digital-to-analog converter, the new disc player achieves true sonic purity, offering superior dynamic range that eliminates harmonic distortion. With its sleek styling and sound control, the HD 3700 is the ideal home audio companion to the HK 3700 and HK 3770 Stereo Receivers. Beyond CDs, the player supports a wide range of complementary formats including CD-R and CD-RW, and features a USB input that plays MP3 and WMA files. A remote control (included) lets the listener navigate between play-options with sophisticated ease.    Precision-engineered electronics deliver digital-to-analog sound purity  The HD 3700’s premium digital-to-analog converter and distinguished Harman Kardon electronic design offers a CD listening experience that surpasses any other.    The final word on stylish appearance  The HD 3700 doesn’t just sound great, it has show-stopping looks to match. Its elegant finish, bright VFD display, and ID3-supporting formatting are sure to win hearts and eyes.    A remote that navigates easily between play options  Easily navigate between tracks and more with the touch of a user-friendly remote.    Designed to augment Harman Kardon Stereo Receivers  When paired with HK 3700 or HK 3770 Stereo Receivers, the HD 3700 delivers a true high-fidelity CD-listening experience.    The ideal fit for your Harman Kardon audio experience  The HD 3700 shares the same design and physical width as the HK 3700 and HK 3770 Stereo Receivers – the two complement each other precisely.    Playing CDs is just the beginning  The HD 3700 doesn’t simply play standard CDs. Not only can it play CD-R and CD-RW disc formats, it can also play WMAs and MP3s from USB digital flash-drives.    Easy, intuitive functionality  You don’t need a Master’s in Sound Engineering to design the perfect playlist. The HD 3700 lets you program tracks in either a preset or random order. Így is ismerheti: HD 3700, HD3700
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