ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax Alaplap

ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax Alaplap

78 780 Ft-tól 11 ajánlat
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ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax Alaplap (B550 PHANTOM GAMING-ITX/AX)

7000+ termék raktárról!

81 510 Ft
+ 1 490 Ft szállítási díj
Szállítás: max 3 nap
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ASROCK B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/a - AMD - Socket AM4 - AMD Ryzen - DDR4-SDRAM - DIMM - 2133, 2400, 2667, 2933, 3200, 3466, 3600, 3733, 3800, 3866, 4000, 4133, 4200, 4266, 4333, 4400, 4466, 4533, 4600,

88 070 Ft
Szállítás: max 1 hét
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ASRock B550 sAM4 B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax 2xDDR4 4xSATA3 1xM. 2 1xPCI-E 2.5Gbit LAN WiFi6 AX +5.1BT mini-ITX (B550 PHANTOM GAMING-ITX/AX)

78 780 Ft
+ 2 477 Ft szállítási díj
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ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax (B550 PHANTOM GAMING-ITX/AX)

15 éves tapasztalat, profi és gamer monitorok szakértőktől

78 900 Ft
+ 990 Ft szállítási díj
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80 368 Ft
+ 1 700 Ft szállítási díj
Szállítás: max 3 nap
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ASROCK AL ASRock sAM4 B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax (B550 PHANTOM GAMING-ITX/AX)

108 060 Ft
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109 433 Ft
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111 525 Ft
+ 995 Ft szállítási díj
Szállítás: max 2 hét
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ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax alaplap (B550 PHANTOM GAMING-ITX/AX) - Alaplap

115 660 Ft
+ 900 Ft szállítási díj
Szállítás: max 2 hét
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ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ax Alaplap

93 847 Ft
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Asrock B550 Phantom Gaming-ITX/a Socket AM4 Mini ITX AMD B550

100 770 Ft
Szállítás: max 1 hét
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Aktuális legalacsonyabb ár: 78 780 Ft

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CPU Foglalat  Socket AM4
Chipset  AMD B550
Processzor gyártó AMD
Memória típusa DDR4
Szerver alaplap Nem


Videokártya típusa PCI-Express
Integrált videókártya Van
Multi VGA  Nem
D-SUB Nincs
DVI Nincs
DisplayPort Van


Memória foglalatok száma 2
SATA csatlakozók száma  4
Összes PCI-Express 16x csatlakozó száma  1
PCI-Express 8x csatlakozók száma Nincs
PCI-Express 4x csatlakozók száma Nincs
PCI-Express 1x csatlakozók száma Nincs
PCI csatlakozók száma Nincs


SATA 3 csatlakozók száma 4
SATA 2 csatlakozók száma Nincs
mSATA csatlakozók száma Nincs
m.2 csatlakozók száma 2
SATA Express csatlakozók száma Nincs

További tulajdonságok

Max. memória mérete 64 GB
Integrált hangkártya Van
Hangkártya csatorna 7.1
Digitális hangkimenet Nincs
Integrált LAN sebessége 10/100 Mbit/s
Vezeték nélküli hálózat Van
Bluetooth Van
RAID vezérlő  Van
RAID szintek  0, 1, 10
Méret szabvány Mini-ITX
Alaplap mérete 170 x 170

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Phantom Gaming is designed by gamers and for gamers! Underneath its relentless appearance lie plentiful gaming oriented features and excellent gaming capabilities. It's all about bringing a new gaming experience to gamers!
Game your way with speed and ease thanks to ultra-fast hardware.
The AMD BS50 chipset mikes PCIe 4 0 possible for anyone who wants higher performance, bandwidth and speed. Ready for 3rd Gen AMO Ryzen" processors and beyond.
Whether you are using headphones, a headset, external or internal speakers, via USB, Wi-Fi, analog output or even HDMI, Nahimic Audio offers you the most engaging listening experience, vibrant and rich with details. The Sound Tracker is a visual indicator that points out the directions from which predominant sounds are coming. Each sound is properly positioned in 360° on a radar for a full immersion during the game.
Dr. MOS is the integrated power stage solution which is optimized for synchronous buck-set down voltage applications! Compared to traditional discrete MOSFETs, it intelligently delivers higher current for each phase, thus providing improved thermal result and superior performance.
The 8 Layer PCB comes with 4 sets of 2 ounce copper inner layers, providing stable signal traces and power shapes and delivering lower temperature and higher energy efficiency for overclocking! Thus, it's able to support the latest DDR4 memory modules with most extreme memory performance!
This motherboard features onboard RGB headers and an addressable RGB header that allow motherboard to be connected to compatible LED devices such as strip, CPU fans, coolers, chassis and so on. Users may also synchronize RGB LED devices across the Polychrome RGB Sync-certified accessories to create their own unique lighting effects.
Welcome to the new Wi-Fi standard! ASRock's motherboard equipped with next generation Intel Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax adapter. The speed will be working up to 2.4Gbps and it will also natively operate with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz simultaneously. Significant improvement in bi-directional MU-MIMO support is another attractive feature as well.
The 2.5G Ethernet configuration were introduced to support higher bandwidth on widely deployed CAT5e and CAT6 cabling in enterprise and metro area networks. The industry's leading Intel LAN always provides the best throughput performance, lower CPU utilization, enhanced stability and is able to deliver ultimate network experience to users.
The reinforced steel slot comes with the next generation PCI Express 4.0 standard. The various benefits include extra anchor points, stronger latch, ensure signal stability, make sure heavy graphics cards to be well-installed.
Ready for higher capacity and even faster Type 22110 M. 2 NVMe SSD to fulfill the need of performance. Hyper M. 2 socket that supports PCIe Gen4 x4 while M. 2 socket is capable of running PCIe Gen3 x2 and SATA3 mode.
Front USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C header delivers up to 10 Gbps data transfer rate and next generation reversible USB design to the front panel of computer case.
This motherboard has a pair of onboard Type-A and Type-C USB 3.2 Gen2 ports built on the rear i/o for supporting next generation USB 3.2 Gen2 devices and to deliver up to 10 Gbps data transfer rates.
Complete with two types of most used connectors! Packed with a HDMI + DisplayPort combo, you have more graphics output options now.
An easy troubleshooting tool that shows the CPU / DRAM / VGA / BOOT operation every time you start up the system. Post Status Checker is an fast and easy way to identify the source of the problem.
Extra large aluminum alloy heat sinks that effectively take away heat from the MOSFET and chipset so that your whole system may perform more stable.
A new mysterious matte black and copper color scheme to match the prestigious components on ASRock's high-end motherboards.
High Density Glass Fabric PCB design that reduces the gaps between the PCB layers to protect the motherboard against electrical shorts caused by humidity.
Using only carefully selected copper materials for PCB layers, 2oz Copper PCB delivers lower temperature and higher energy efficiency for overclocking.
Some sensitive digital components on the motherboard are vulnerable to power surges, the excessive current may cause your system to malfunction immediately. ASRock Full Spike Protection includes various technologies to prevent your motherboard's components from being damaged by these unexpected voltage spikes.
ASRock Live Update & APP Shop is designed for your convenience. ASRock provides various apps and support software for users to download. You can also easily optimize your system and keep your motherboard up to date with ASRock Live Update & APP Shop.

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