PreSonus Eris E4.5 + Temblor T8 Aktív hangfal

PreSonus Eris E4.5 + Temblor T8 Aktív hangfal

159 900 Ft

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98 dB (A weighted)\nTHD0.05%\nAmplifier Power200W peak, 100W RMS\nPower Consumption120W\nAmplifier TypeClass AB\nPeak SPL at 1m104 dB\nWoofer8\u201d glass-composite, downward-firing\nAcoustic PortRear-firing bass reflex (round)\nUser Controls\nInput Gain Range-30 to +6 dB\nPolarity Switch0\u00b0 or 180\u00b0\nLow Pass Filter Control50 Hz to 130 Hz\nHigh Pass Filter SwitchOn/Off\nWidth10.2\u201d (260 mm)\nDepth12.6\u201d (320 mm)\nHeight11\u201d (280 mm)\nWeight21.2 lbs (9.6 kg)"" data-sheets-userformat=""2":513, "3":"1":0, "12":0">Set of Eris E4.5 monitors and Temblor T8 subwoofer. When you’re serious about creating music, you need studio monitors that will speak nothing but the truth. Eris® E4.5 studio monitors deliver a smooth and accurate frequency response so they reveal what’s really in your tracks and mixes. They also offer a suite of acoustic tuning controls to let you adjust their response for the acoustics of your room. The result: Eris monitors ensure you hear everything accurately so you can produce your best work. Every Eris-series studio monitor utilizes a custom-woven Kevlar® low-frequency driver. The weave and nature of the Eris E4.5’s 4.5-inch Kevlar woofer result in a more constant dispersion pattern throughout the frequency range, resulting in less time-smeared audio and cleaner overall sound. A subwoofer provides the extra-deep low frequencies you need when mixing on relatively small monitors, especially for music that requires serious low-end punch. Powerful and musical, Temblor® T8 active, downward-firing subwoofers are designed to deliver fast and accurate transient response, extending low frequencies without a hint of tubbiness or overshoot. This ensures that Temblor-series subwoofers complement full-range monitors without overshadowing them, naturally extending the reach of your full-range system’s low end so that you can produce your best mix from top to bottom. The Temblor T8’s glass-composite low-frequency driver delivers tight and responsive bass, thanks to its lightweight and rigid cone. This design also provides lower distortion than other materials, ensuring that the sub-bass reproduction in your monitoring system is as coherent and clear as your full-range monitors. SpecsEris E4.5Inputs1- Stereo 1/8"2- Balanced 1/4 TRS2- Unbalanced RCAPerformanceFrequency Response70 Hz - 20 kHzCrossover Frequency2.8 kHzLF Amplifier Power25W/speakerHF Amplifier Power(not biamped)Peak SPL (@ 1 meter)100 dBLF Driver4.5" Kevlar®HF Driver1 silk domeInput Impedance10 kUser ControlsVolume RangeA-type taperMF ControlVariable (-6 to +6 dB)HF ControlVariable (-6 to +6 dB)Low CutFlat, 80 Hz, 100 HzAcoustic SpaceFlat, -2 dB, -4 dBWidth 6.42" (163 mm)Depth 7.09" (180 mm)Height 9.45" (241 mm)Weight 13 lb. (5.9 kg)Tembolr T8Inputs2- Balanced 1/4 TRS2- Unbalanced RCAOutputs2- Balanced 1/4 TRS (full range with 80 Hz HPF option2- Unbalanced RCA (full range with 80 Hz HPF option)PerformanceFrequency Response30 Hz – 200 HzLow Pass Filter Frequency50 – 130 Hz (variable)Signal-to-Noise Ratio>98 dB (A weighted)THD0.05%Amplifier Power200W peak, 100W RMSPower Consumption120WAmplifier TypeClass ABPeak SPL at 1m104 dBWoofer8 glass-composite, downward-firingAcoustic PortRear-firing bass reflex (round)User ControlsInput Gain Range-30 to +6 dBPolarity Switch0° or 180°Low Pass Filter Control50 Hz to 130 HzHigh Pass Filter SwitchOn/OffWidth10.2 (260 mm)Depth12.6 (320 mm)Height11 (280 mm)Weight21.2 lbs (9.6 kg) Így is ismerheti: Eris E 4 5 Temblor T 8, ErisE45TemblorT8, Eris E4.5 + Temblor T 8
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