Könyv: Termékek Murder at Christmas (ISBN: 9781788163392) — Murder at Liberty Hall (ISBN: 9781899000227)
Murder at Christmas (ISBN: 9781788163392)
Murder at Corgi Country Club (ISBN: 9781086882605)
Murder at Crossways (ISBN: 9781496720726)
Murder at Crossways (ISBN: 9781496720757)
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Murder at First Pitch: Ball Park Mysteries: Book 1 (ISBN: 9781950627219)
Murder at Fort Revere (ISBN: 9781506905969)
Murder at Gatewood (ISBN: 9781480865235)
Murder at Gatewood (ISBN: 9781480865242)
Murder at Golgotha: A Scientific Investigation Into the Last Days of Jesus' Life, His Death, and His Resurrection (2007)
Murder at Green Springs: The True Story of the Hall Case, Firestorm of Prejudices (2007)
Murder at Greysbridge (ISBN: 9781472126009)
Murder at Half Moon Gate (ISBN: 9781496722416)
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Murder at Heatherstone Hall (ISBN: 9780986260216)
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Murder at Kensington Palace (ISBN: 9781977363671)
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Murder at Liberty Hall (ISBN: 9781899000227)