Könyv: Termékek Haunted America (ISBN: 9781680228434) — Haunted Burlington, Wisconsin (ISBN: 9781540209474)
Haunted America (ISBN: 9781680228434)
Haunted Anchor Bay, Michigan (ISBN: 9781540227133)
Haunted Annapolis: Ghosts of the Capital City (ISBN: 9781540207616)
Haunted Annapolis: Ghosts of the Capital City (ISBN: 9781609497729)
Haunted Antrim (ISBN: 9780750983600)
Haunted Arizona: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Grand Canyon State (ISBN: 9780811736206)
Haunted Arizona: Ghosts of the Grand Canyon State (ISBN: 9781885590909)
Haunted Asylums (ISBN: 9781098221294)
Haunted Asylums (ISBN: 9781644944103)
Haunted Asylums, Prisons, and Sanatoriums - Jamie Davis (2013)
Haunted Attic (ISBN: 9781557092519)
Haunted Auburn and Opelika (ISBN: 9781540205797)
Haunted Austin: History and Hauntings in the Captial City (ISBN: 9781540205063)
Haunted Bachelors Grove (ISBN: 9781467136631)
Haunted Bachelors Grove (ISBN: 9781540200563)
Haunted Backpack (ISBN: 9781474785570)
Haunted Baldwin County, Alabama (ISBN: 9781626198746)
Haunted Baton Rouge (ISBN: 9781540232779)
Haunted Baton Rouge (ISBN: 9781609498627)
Haunted Battlefields (ISBN: 9781098221300)
Haunted Battlefields (ISBN: 9781644944110)
Haunted Bauhaus (ISBN: 9780262043298)
Haunted Be the Holidays: A Krewe of Hunters Novella (ISBN: 9781948050210)
Haunted Big Bend, Florida (ISBN: 9781609497620)
Haunted Birmingham (ISBN: 9781540219572)
Haunted Birmingham (ISBN: 9781596296145)
Haunted Bloomington-Normal, Illinois (ISBN: 9781531699918)
Haunted Boston Harbor (ISBN: 9781531699260)
Haunted Boston Harbor (ISBN: 9781626199569)
Haunted Bowdoin College (ISBN: 9781540210951)
Haunted Boy (ISBN: 9780241339503)
Haunted Breckenridge (ISBN: 9781540212740)
Haunted Breckenridge (ISBN: 9781626198302)
Haunted Buffalo: Ghosts of the Queen City (ISBN: 9781596297753)
Haunted Burlington, Wisconsin (ISBN: 9781540209474)