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Beat Italy L'Agnese Va A Morire (And Agnes Chose to Die) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy La Bestia Nello Spazio (The Beast in Space) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Beat Italy La Padrona E' Servita (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy La Polizia Incrimina la Leggia (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy La Via Della Prostituzione (Emanuelle and the White Slave Trade) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Mademoiselle De Sade E I Suoi Vizi (Juliette de Sade) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Manhattan Baby (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Napoli Violenta (Violent Naples) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Nicola Piovani (Four Original Soundtracks)
Beat Italy Occhio, Malocchio, Prezzemolo E Finocchio (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Paese Del Sesso Selvaggio (Sacrifice! ) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Roma a Mano Armata (The Tough Ones) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Sepolta Viva (Woman Buried Alive) / L'Anticristo (The Antichrist) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Suor Omicidi (Killer Nun) / Lo Strangolatore di Vienna (The Mad Butcher) / Lady Frankenstein (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Una Bara Per Lo Sceriffo (A Coffin for the Sheriff) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Italy Voglia Di Donna (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Pharmacy Earthly Dubs
Beat Records Everything Smiles At You (Japan-Only)
Beat Records L'occhio Selvaggio (The Wild Eye) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Records Le Ruffian
Beat Records Live At Lincoln Hall (Japan-Only)
Beat Records Ti-Koyo E Il Suo Pescecane (Tiko and the Shark) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Beat Records Una Sull'Altra (One on Top of the Other) / Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino (Don't Torture a Duckling) (Original Soundtrack)
Beat Spacek Modern Streets - facethemusic
Beat Up Ford Records Ridin' High Again
Beata Beatrix In The Garden Of Ecstasy
Beata Beatrix New Gothic Generation
Beat Alien 2: Sulla Terra - endisc - 10 458 Ft
Beatallica Abbey Load + 2 -jap Card-
Beatallica All You Need Is Blood + 1
Beatallica Masterful. . -reissue-
Beatallica Sgt. . . -reissue-
BEATAMINES X: The Remixes (uk)
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