Zenei CD: Term├ękek Upbeat Born to Swing — Upbeat Portrait of a New Orleans Master
Upbeat Born to Swing
Upbeat Captured Moments
Upbeat Carey Blyton: The Early Songs
Upbeat Chris Barber At The BBC
Upbeat Colyer at Wimbledon
Upbeat Colyer from the Archives
Upbeat Dixie Flyer 1950-54
Upbeat Early Jazz Revisited
Upbeat Fats Waller and His Music
Upbeat I Did It With My Little Ukulele
Upbeat In Concert 1968
Upbeat In Europe 1960
Upbeat In Retrospect
Upbeat In the Sweet Bye Bye
Upbeat It Seems Like Yesterday
Upbeat Jazz Nocturne 4
Upbeat Jazz Nocturne 5
Upbeat Kenny Ball At The BBC 1957-1962
Upbeat Let the Good Times Roll
Upbeat Live at the Bull at Barnes 1996
Upbeat Live in New York 1944 & 1953
Upbeat Live in the USA 1950
Upbeat Live in Vancouver 1951
Upbeat Louis Nelson & Alton Purnell With Dave Brennan's Jazzmen
Upbeat Marks & Sparks
Upbeat Marks Out of Twenty
Upbeat New Orleans
Upbeat New Orleans Jazz
Upbeat New Orleans to Harlem
Upbeat New Orleans to Lyon
Upbeat Oh, Baby!
Upbeat Once More For Auntie
Upbeat One More Evening at Jimmy Ryan's
Upbeat Piano Moods and Seasons
Upbeat Portrait of a New Orleans Master