Könyv: Termékek Affirm Your Worth: The Change You Own: 30 Days of Positive Af-Firmations (ISBN: 9780692188903) — Affirmators! Family Deck (ISBN: 9781683490999)
Affirm Your Worth: The Change You Own: 30 Days of Positive Af-Firmations (ISBN: 9780692188903)
Affirmation (2011)
Affirmation and Healing Within Spiritual Direction (ISBN: 9781645694700)
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Affirmations (ISBN: 9781561701674)
Affirmations (ISBN: 9781645440857)
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Affirmations for Every Day (ISBN: 9781786859938)
Affirmations for Happiness (ISBN: 9781507214473)
Affirmations for Self Healing (2005)
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Affirmations Wordsearch (ISBN: 9781789507591)
Affirmations Wordsearch (ISBN: 9781839406300)
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Affirmations: 500 Daily Affirmations for Positive Thinking, Success, Money, Love, Happiness, Focus, Abundance, Self-Esteem, and Moti (ISBN: 9781647480318)
Affirmations: 500 Positive Daily Affirmations for Success, Wealth, Health, Love, Happiness, Focus, Motivation and Money (ISBN: 9781647481063)
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Affirmators! Family Deck (ISBN: 9781683490999)