Zenei CD: Term├ękek Primo Father of Chicago Blues — Primo The Daddy of 'Em All
Primo Father of Chicago Blues
Primo French Cafe Music
Primo Gob Iron: The Blues Harmonica Anthology
Primo Gypsy Jazz
Primo Heart and Soul
Primo Here Comes Gene
Primo Here's Johnny
Primo I Believe
Primo Irish Songs of Rebellion, Resistance and Reconciliation
Primo Johnny and June
Primo Johnny Burnette and More Kings of Rockabilly
Primo Love Songs My Way
Primo Midnight Monk
Primo Mighty, Mighty Man
Primo Mountain Breakdown
Primo Must-have Miles (The First Quintet)
Primo My Romance
Primo Oh Brother - Here Art Thou Bluegrass
Primo Rakish and Rampant
Primordial Records Mein Trumpf - endisc - 5 810 Ft
Primordial Records Temples On Mars
Primordial Subjugation
Primo Saxophone Colossus and More
PRIMOSE GREEN (Walker, Ryley)
Primo Skiffle - The Essential Recordings
Primo Skin Deep
Primo Stardust
Primo The All-time Ragtimer
Primo The Anthology of Boogie Woogie Piano
Primo The Art of Bix Beiderbecke
Primo The Beginner's Guide to Cajun Music
Primo The Best of Judy Garland
Primo The Best of the Hot Fives and Sevens
Primo The Best of Young Chet
Primo The Daddy of 'Em All