Zenei CD: Term├ękek Solid Nice Jazz 1978 — Solid Stand By Me
Solid Nice Jazz 1978
Solid Night Blooming Jazzmen
Solid Night Glider
Solid Nos Bracos Do Samba
Solid Once More With Feeling
Solid Person to Person
Solid Pery Acompanado Por Primo Quinteto
Solid Predictions
Solid Repeteco
Solid Ritmo Fantastico: Limited
Solid Roar Of 74
Solid Ruby Wilson
Solid Samba Na Onda: Limited
Solid Samba Pra Frente: Limited
Solid Sambas Na Passarel
Solid Scatbird
Solid Send In The Clowns
Solid Senyah
Solid Show Your Hand
Solid Showboat
Solid Shut Yo Mouth!
Solid Siku Ya Bibi (Day Of The Lady)
Solid Simba
Solid Sings & Swings Organ
Solid Skyrider
Solid Smokin
Solid Smooth One
Solid Some Shapes To Come
Solid Songs Of Kurt Weill
Solid Sonny Red
Solid Soul Searching
Solid Spontaneous Explorations
Solid Sprit In The Sky
Solid Stan The Man Turrentine
Solid Stand By Me