Zenei CD: Term├ękek Solid Bill's Waltz — Solid Featuring Hank Jones: Limited
Solid Bill's Waltz
Solid Black & Blues
Solid Blues Roar
Solid Bolivia
Solid Booker Little
Solid Bossa Hugo
Solid Bossa Hugo: Limited
Solid Bossa Nova + Soul
Solid Cabaret
Solid Carmen Mcrae
Solid Charles Kynard
Solid Chicago N All That Jazz
Solid Chilly Wind
Solid Cosmic Funk
Solid Crazy Rhythm
Solid Cut the Cake
Solid Damisi
Solid Day In New York
Solid Definitely Dorothy
Solid Dirty Old Man
Solid Dizzy Gillespie
Solid Dodo Green
Solid Doodlin
Solid Dorothy Moore
Solid Down Home
Solid Dreams & Reflections
Solide Mirage (francois & The Atlas Mountains) - facethemusic - 5 790 Ft
Solid El Pampero
Solid Entertainers
Solid Esagerato - endisc - 9 856 Ft
Solid Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky
Solid Expansions
Solid Fairyland
Solid Family
Solid Featuring Hank Jones: Limited