Zenei CD: Term├ękek Gadfly Mother Earth — Gadfly Victory Songs
Gadfly Mother Earth
Gadfly Mother Indigo
Gadfly New York Town
Gadfly No Ifs Buts Maybes
Gadfly No Song Left to Sell
Gadfly Notes from the Lost Civilization
Gadfly Odd Fellows
Gadfly Old White Men
Gadfly Ole
Gadfly On Reflection
Gadfly One If By Hand
Gadfly One Thru Fourteen
Gadfly Original Flying Machine 1967
Gadfly Perspectives
Gadfly Pie
Gadfly Pitchin Pennies
Gadfly Proud Dad
Gadfly Purity of Essence
Gadfly Redemption
Gadfly Rendez-Vous
Gadfly Rodent Weekend 1976-96
Gadfly Romeo Unchained
Gadfly Second Annual Greenwich Folk Festival
Gadfly Slade Stomp
Gadfly Solo Flight 1975-1980
Gadfly Somerville Live
Gadfly Sound of Distant Deer
Gadfly Streamliner's Duet
Gadfly The Contenders
Gadfly The Invisible Man
Gadfly Try Love
Gadfly Tunnel Into Summer
Gadfly Under the Sun
Gadfly Unfamiliar Moon
Gadfly Victory Songs