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Red Fibre, Carrera® Profi®

  • Frequency:  2.4 Ghz Digital Proportional

R/C auto Carrera PROFI - Red Fibre (1:18) 2.4GHz


This Carrera RC top pro demands your complete attention, because if you don't have your controls under control, the Carrera RC Red Fibre will leave you standing as it can achieve speeds of up to 50 km/h. Around 28 cm in length, the buggy is packed with fantastic technical features, from the front spoiler to the tail fin. The entire vehicle is set up for power, from the ultra-powerful 4-wheel drive that can pull the buggy up the steepest inclines, right through to the oil pressure shock absorbers.


For safe passage in tough conditions the Carrera RC pro also boasts all-round suspension, pneumatic tyres and differential gears. Spray hitting the water-resistant surface can do no harm. The controller is not built for nervous hands as the buggy reacts very precisely to every command due to digital proportional driving and steering functionality.


Up to 16 cars can race at the same time thanks to the genious of 2.4 GHz technology. The Carrera RC Red Fibre can race non-stop for up to 15 minutes and the short recharging time for the 7.4 V-1100 mAh Li-Io power pack included in the package is only around 70 minutes. The package also includes an 8.4 V-1000 mA recharger and 2 batteries.


Racing pros just love the Carrera RC Red Fibre.

Age rating:



Warning: small parts - choking hazard - not suitable for children under 3.

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Red Fibre, Carrera® Profi®

2x AAA Micro batteries

Operating instructions



Li-Io Battery 7.4 V 1100 mAH







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