GIGABYTE BRIX GB-BXI3-4010 Számítógép konfiguráció

GIGABYTE BRIX GB-BXI3-4010 Számítógép konfiguráció

131 120 Ft
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131 120 Ft
Ingyenes kiszállítás
Egy héten belül
Típus Barebone számítógép


Processzor típusa Intel Core i3
Processzor órajel 1700 Mhz


Memória mérete Memória nélkül
Memória típusa DDR3
Memória foglalatok száma 2


Merevlemez típusa  Merevlemez nélkül


USB portok száma 4
DVI kimenet  Nincs
DisplayPort kimenet  Van
D-Sub kimenet Nincs
HDMI kimenet  Van
Thunderbolt 1  Nincs
Thunderbolt 2 Nincs

További tulajdonságok

Optikai meghajtó Meghajtó nélkül
Kártyaolvasó Nincs
Videókártya típusa  Integrált

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Redefining the Desktop PCChallenging the essence of how we define a desktop PC, GIGABYTE engineers have developed an ultra compact PC with a stylish design based around an anthracite aluminum frame and glass surface chassis. Ideal for a broad range of computing applications at home or in the office, the BRIX expounds sheer simplicity and convenience. With a broad choice of processors covering the entire performance spectrum, the BRIX sets a new standard for desktop miniaturization that makes it perfect as a discreet HTPC/multimedia hub, an ultra-low power PC for the family, an office PC or as a digital signage unit.   Dual DisplayWith support for HDMI and DisplayPort, the BRIX can power two displays simultaneously, making a perfect choice as a high productivity PC in professional and home environments, or in any number of industrial and commercial multi-display applications.   Flexible Compact PC KitThe BRIX is sold as a DIY PC kit, shipping with a Mini PCIe Wi-Fi module pre-installed, plus a power adapter and cable conforming to local standards. Requiring only system memory and mSATA SSD, the BRIX gives users the flexibility to independently choose integrated storage and system memory size, without the trouble of sourcing components that are not widely available on the retail market.   VESA SupportBundled with a VESA bracket, the BRIX can easily be mounted behind a monitor or HDTV making it discreetly hidden from view. This makes it simple and effective way to turn any VESA-compliant display or TV into a full-featured PC or digital signage unit.    

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* Advertised performance is based on maximum theoretical interface values from respectiveChipset vendors or organization who defined the interface specification. Actual performance may vary by system configuration.
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* Due to standard PC architecture, a certain amount of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore the actual memory size is less than the stated amount. Így is ismerheti: BRIX GB BXI 3 4010, BRIXGBBXI34010, BRIX GB BXI3 4010, BRIXGB-BXI3-4010, BRIX GB-BXI3 4010


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