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The COMfortel 2600 IP leaves you free to decide, whether you opt for a system telephone to be attached to an Auerswald IP-type PBX system or for a standard SIP phone hosted by a Soft PBX or IP-Centrex solution. Being a genuine hybrid VoIP telephone, it will always make a perfect match. Every detail proves the COMfortel 2600 IP has a deep understanding of practical issues. Superior operation is ensured either via a classic keypad and four-way navigating touch pad or - as known from a smartphone - via the large touch display. And to find a perfect viewing angle, the cabinet can be effectively tilted. If you want to use it as a VoIP telephone, the COMfortel 2600 IP sets further priorities: the integrated phonebook accommodates in excess of 10,000 entries (!), and your eMails, calendar and contact data are reliably synchronized with cloud-based data. With the help of VPN you can tie the phone to a remote PBX system, thus giving access to all system functions from a home office. SIPS and SRTP ensure tap-proof phoning over the Internet. To activate the answering machine, simply insert a standard SD card. A separate interface lets you hook up a headset to the COMfortel 2600 IP which also supports wireless DHSG devices. You’re all set for hands-free phoning, wandering around during calls. Features: 100 accounts, useable with 10 providers, 1 account max. as Auerswald system telephone Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Date and time via NTP Digest authentication (MD5) Integration of external subscribers, e. g. home offices, subsidiaries High audio quality with echo cancellation and comfort noise generation (CNG) HTTP/HTTPS webserver integrated VPN client integrated Mass roll outs via provisioning server (HTTP, HTTPS and TFTP) Prioritisation of voice data (DiffServ) SIP (RFC 3261) Power over Ethernet (PoE, IEEE 802.3af) STUN (UDP over NAT) Tone dialling during a call (RFC 2833) Transport Layer Security (TLS) Encoded signalling (SIPS), RFC 3261 Encoded data transmission (SRTP), RFC 3711 and RFC 4568 VLAN support (IEEE 802.1q) VoIP codec G. 722 (wideband) with supported hardware, e. g. COMpact 3000, Asterisk or IP centrex VoIP codecs G. 711μ-Law/a-Law and iLBC VoIP codec preselection Alphanumeric Android keyboard via touch display Individualization with purchased or self-programmed apps Voicemail functions Basic activation by inserting a SD/SDHC card Remote activation and message forwarding High-quality recording due to uncompressed recording Control via functions keys of the telephone Total capacity depends on the used memory (1 GB represent approx. 30 h recording capacity) Recording and notepad function Max. 25 announcements and max. 250 messages Call acceptance and announcement dependent on type of call (int. /ext. /door/group) Pc. : LSNXUAR7688S Így is ismerheti: COMfortel2600IP
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