Thrustmaster Y-300p 4160596

Thrustmaster Y-300p 4160596

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AUDIO EXPERTISE in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment

Audio designed for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3, electronics designed to optimize your sound on your system

Crystal-clear audio, via premium 50 mm drivers

Realistic audio sensations, thanks to the well balanced frequency response curve, optimized for your gaming sessions.

The best of our audio expertise, taking your gaming performance to the next level (powered by Hercules and its 20 years of audio expertise)

USB Digital Audio Direct Plug for PS4


Specific Sony licensed design, crafted by Thrustmaster teams to provide outstanding comfort: large, ultra-soft ear pads and a headband covered in thick, soft foam padding for extreme comfort during long gaming sessions and reliable, effective passive isolation

Double electro-acoustic bass amplification, thanks to the earpieces’ unique design, combined with electronic bass boost built into the controller

5.2 m of cables to adapt to any type of gaming configuration

High-grade selected materials for officially licensed products


Noise-cancelling mic, designed to target your voice only and reduce the ambient noise, for the most effective communication with your teammates

The microphone is detachable and adjustable, to adapt to every player’s head size and shape

Exclusive customization of your mic’s gain level! Adjust precisely the gain for your voice, so that you’ll be perfectly understood by your teammates

The PS4 console’s voice recognition function can be used via the Y-300P’s microphone


Plug-and-play on PlayStation®4; directly recognized by the console sound settings menu thanks to USB Digital Audio Direct Plug for PS4

Fully compatible with PlayStation®3 via USB + RCA Splitter

Detachable cable, for full compatibility with your other handheld gear Így is ismerheti: Y 300 p 4160596, Y300p4160596, Y 300p 4160596, Y-300p4160596
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