Black Magic Design Ursa EF

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Blackmagic URSA EF (BM-CINECAMURSA4K) Kérem válaszon nyelvet: Blackmagic URSA EF - The user upgradable 4K digital film camera! Introducing Blackmagic URSA, the high end digital film camera designed to revolutionize workflow on set. Built to handle the ergonomics of large film crews as well as single person use, URSA has everything built in, including a massive 10 inch fold out on set monitor, large user upgradeable Super 35 global shutter 4K image sensor, 12G-SDI and internal dual RAW and ProRes recorders. Because the sensor and lens mount assembly can be changed, you can choose EF lens mounts, or even a broadcast video sensor with B4 mount. This means you can upgrade to the latest sensor technology in the future and keep your investment in the camera body! Professional Digital Film Camera Designed for feature films, television commercials and more! Blackmagic URSA is designed to be used on high end feature films, commercials, episodic television production, documentaries, electronic news gathering, music videos and more. When used on jobs with a large crew you can easily dress the camera with high quality cinema lenses, rails, follow focus, matte boxes and more. With built in scopes for exposure, focus and audio levels, it’s easy for DOP’s to get perfect results every time. The dedicated screen for camera assistants lets them check and update camera parameters independently of the DOP. If you’re shooting solo then the large fold out on set monitor, built in scopes and internal recorder means you don’t need any extra on set equipment because it’s all built into the camera. That’s a whole film set of equipment built into the one extremely portable design! Rethinking Camera Design All your on set equipment built into one portable design! The Blackmagic URSA features a larger professional size that has the space for powerful cooling that allows higher frame rates while keeping the chassis cool and the fan super quiet. The machined aluminum design is incredibly strong and has been designed for large film crew use and to be field upgradable to new sensors by the user. Each area of the camera has been divided into separate DOP, camera assistant and audio engineer work stations. The DOP station features a large 10 inch fold out on set monitor and separate 5 inch screen for settings, camera status and scopes. The camera assist station features a separate screen for camera settings, status and scopes and an audio station features audio meters, controls and audio connections. The big screen means you don’t need extra on set equipment so it’s easy to move around quickly between shots. Simply fold in the monitor and go! Shoot in incredible quality Ultra HD Super 35 size sensor with feature film dynamic range URSA is a true professional digital film camera with a 4K sensor, global shutter and an incredible 12 stops of dynamic range. The wide dynamic range blows away regular video cameras or even high end broadcast cameras, so you get dramatically better images that look like true digital film. The wide dynamic range preserves detail in dark shadows as well as bright highlights so you have a wider range of brightness levels to work with when color grading in post production. The extra large Super 35 size allows for creative shallow depth of field shooting and the high resolution Ultra HD 12 bit lossless Cinema DNG RAW means you get incredible quality! You can also shoot Ultra HD or HD in Apple ProRes for easy post production workflow with minimum storage requirements! Dual Recorders for Non Stop Recording Keep recording forever so you never miss a critical event! Blackmagic URSA features dual recorders so you never need to stop recording to change media. That’s critical if you are shooting an historical event, important interview or where you just cannot stop shooting! Simply load an empty CFast card into the second recorder and when the current card is full, the recording will continue onto the second card, allowing you to change out the full card and keep shooting! The built in recorders use new CFast card technology that allow recording up to 350 MB/s for incredible speeds, perfect for high frame rate RAW recording! Imagine shooting RAW and then playing back for the crew on the massive 10 inch screen! URSA EF includes the amazing 4K Super 35 image sensor with global shutter and an EF lens mount with active lens control. Now you can use low cost DSLR photo lenses from companies such as Canon, Zeiss and more! Fotó Cserélhető objektív: igen Lens Mount: Canon EF Kapcsolat WLAN: nem Áramellátás Áramellátás: Speciális akkumulátor Memória CF: igen Csatlakozók USB: nem Felszereltség Beépített hangszóró: igen Integrated Microphone: igen Kijelző Típus: LCD Érintőképernyő: igen Képernyőméret (cm): 12,7 Képernyőméret (coll): 5 Videófelvétel 3D-s videofelvétel: nem 4k Video Recording (UHD): igen Max. Video Resolution (Pixel): 3.840 x 2.160 Time Code: igen Àltalános Szín: fekete Szélesség (mm): 313,6 Magasság (mm): 244,7 Mélység (mm): 155,6 Súly (kg): 7,4 EAN: 9338716002546 Így is ismerheti: DesignUrsaEF
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